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Thursday, December 29, 2005

Restraint isn't my best quality..

Being on the Barnes and Noble, or Amazon, or websites is dangerous!

I've got to stop going to these websites.. I spend money and I can't afford to do this! ARGH!

In my continual search for the original Shannara books I came across Anne McCaffrey's name.. one of my favorite authors. I love love love all her books on The Dragon Riders and Pern. At first I was more then happy to see as I flipped the pages on pages with her name on it that I had all the Pern books, including the two her son has written. (well that's a good so far) .. Then I came across a Pern title I didn't recognize! Hmmmm, it's not new.. so how did I miss this?? I jotted the title down, "A Gift of Dragons". Then I searched it out further and read that it's 3 short stories. Hmmm, I'm not a big short story fan, maybe I skipped this on purpose?

Hmmmm.I read further and decided I couldn't go on without sending for the book.. argh! Like who has money after Christmas? not me! lol.. But hey, it's only 12.99.. sigh.. "click, click , click.." SOLD! Now I get to sit and wait for it.. that's the drawback from buying on line instead of in the store where you can walk in bare handed and walk out penniless but happy ..heh.

All this and I still haven't found what I started out to find... groan.

I've got to get better control of myself. I just CAN NOT be in a bookstore (on line or in the flesh) and not want to buy something!! Thankfully, the writers I like most don't put out a lot of new books so it may go for some time in between spending spurts.. but when it hits, I go nuts! I keep talking to myself as I pick up each book and read the back.. "i can't afford this.. I can't afford this.. I don't need this... I don't need this"...I get almost ecstatic when what I read doesn't grab my interest and I set the book back on the shelf, it's at that point I should run to the nearest section of books that i KNOW i won't buy, but do I do that? cha! of course not! I am a gluten for punishment!

I will be very happy when I finally get the Shannara books so that I will stop going to the book web sites!!


Blogger V said...

Happy New Year!!
Happy Dragon Hunting!

4:53 PM  
Blogger betty said...

Happy New Year, Pat! I can so truly relate about books and buying them. I have to stop myself from getting on Dangerous! But I did list some books to sell on it today and I already sold one book tonight! Wow!


10:14 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

There is this store called Media Play that is going out of business in the US. I want to go to the one here, because they have books. They used to only sell stuff like Movies, music, games, stereos, etc. In the end they threw in books. So now that they are going out of business I want to see if they have some of the books I am looking for.

11:21 AM  

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