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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

In Search of..

Well, by now everyone should be calming down from all the hubbub of Christmas. Ok, so not everyone! heh, I forgot those "gift cards"! Best time to get the most from that money is right now, the after Christmas sales! Wish I had a way to get to some stores myself.. I wouldn't mind some of those sale prices!

During the holidays I had ordered presents over the web and I'm glad to say everything got delivered in time. I had ordered books for my grandson which got to florida in plenty of time. Then a book for my brother of fashion photography which also arrived in time, and lastly a movie for David of Finding Neverland, since he's a big Johnny Depp fan.

My best friend Annie, from ( gave me a gift certificate from which I had No problem whatsoever spending! LOL.. I bought a group of books by Terry Brooks .. they followed an old trilogy he had out years ago called the sword of shannara. If you remember back in my journal I was holding and reading that first book with a cat on my head!

However, long ago I loaned that first book to someone and never got it back, so I must have gotten rid of the other two from the trilogy since I didn't have the complete set. That turned into a big mistake! Now I am trying to find those original books with the original covers (artwork).. I found two of them on ebay in "excellent" condition considering the age of them, but I don't have Paypal so i had to watch them disappear from my grasp at a mere five and a half dollars! Boy, that made me cry!

I see more of them on ebay but most are from England and the shipping is more then the book costs! I got a bit upset because now on amazon and they have stopped showing the covers of the used books so I can't see the condition of them.. one persons opinion of "very good" and mine are at times not the same. Sooo, I sit and wait to see if others come up for sale. I want to get them and re read them before I start the new set I purchased. I hope it doesn't take forever to find them in a good condition. These are the original covers... book one the artwork is by Hildebrandt and books two and three are by Darrell Sweet.. I think i want the artwork as much as the books!

Since then I rooted around in a box i found in the basement of mine and found a book I had enjoyed also.. "Chekov's Enterprise". It was written by Walter Koenig who played Chekov on the original Star Trek series. I remember when I first read it, I thought he had a fantastic sense of humor and really enjoyed the book.. but somehow when i found it recently it was waterlogged and ruined.. sigh.. here i go again looking for another old book to replace! Once again I found it in excellent condition on ebay.. sigh. I will try to email the seller since he takes a charge card, I don't like putting it on line to a place like Ebay so we'll see how the seller responds. I guess I need to get paypal but I've heard some horror stories and not thrilled to think it could happen to me too.

I'm at least glad that I know they are out there.. I just have to be able to get them! lol.
I hope your Christmas was the best ever!!


Blogger Astaryth said...

I use paypal when I get things off of E-bay. I got a lot of stuff about a year ago. I collect old circus posters and there were several good reproductions on there at the time. I've had no problem with paypal. BUT.. you knew there would be a but ;p Once you have the account, you have to be careful about any e-mails you get concerning it. I got one just the other day that looked very official, but if you hovered over the link, it wasn't to paypal, but to another website. NEVER EVER click on a link in an e-mail. Always go into your browser and put in the site manually and then check out anything you need to. Oh, and I forwarded the 'phishing' e-mail on to AOL.

Anyway, if you are careful, Paypal is a great service.
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