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Friday, February 10, 2006


Well, there is no new news about aol... i talked with the techy guy I know and he will check around and check the websites i found to see what might work on the aol "timer" and get back to me early next week... it's awful how long it is taking me to even put this entry in. As slow as dialup is, I'm used to "slow"... just not THIS SLOW.

On another note: my brother called that he is released from the hospital and we will bring him home tonight. Good news, in more ways then one since the weather report for this weekend is calling for a blizzard! (6-12 inches with high winds).. gosh, i can't wait. (yeahrightsure!)
I knew this had to happen.. we've had a mild winter up until now. It just couldn't let us get thru winter without a big accumulation. I guess i will get to post a "white photo" on Sunday...

Today my tech friend is going to call again and talk me through reformatting my old computer and reinstalling windows 98se. Yes, windows 98! I can hear some of you now... "why???".. well, there is a reason for me doing that. My Paint Shop Pro 5 (yes, old version) will not let me clone when i use it on XP.. after just a few minutes of cloning things begin to freeze up, even though I have tried setting it to "work as if it was on win 98". I have a newer version of Photo Impact and it will let me clone but I don't like the way it works. So... I "need" win98 so that I can continue to use my old PSP.

I wanted to solve the problem and only have one computer but I was told that the way they build the newer machines (like the dell i have now) that it won't accept it if i tried to put win 98 on THIS machine. Whereas, my older Gateway (now 6 yrs old but still a pent.II) will accept it. So there you have it.. I wind up having to keep two desktop machines in the space I have for one! Not fun. I wish I had an older laptop that would take windows 98 so that I didn't have to have two huge desktops. But so far, I have to work with what i have.. can't afford even an older laptop.. and.. i get nervous if i bought a "used laptop" .

Anyway... this will be a first for me installing windows of any sort on to my machine... i understand it takes hours to do whats necessary but i hope in the end to have a nice "clean" machine with only windows98, psp, and word on it. I'll let you know the outcome.

meanwhile I am still clicking that STUPID "yes" button to stay on line and still being booted if i happen to have to run downstairs for any reason.. right now my computer life pretty much sucks! Thanks aol...


Blogger Charles said...

I'm impressed that you have two computers. Wait a minute, did you say reformatting? I hope you backed up all of your files before doing this, because they will all be erased.

11:50 AM  
Blogger Astaryth said...

You know you can upgrade your PSP to version 10 for like $50. I think I have the link somewhere in my favorites if you would like it. I have PSP7, but since I tend to use my Photoshop Elements most of the time I haven't bothered to upgrade it. I think I only use PSP when I want to use the tubes... Anyway, it would save you having to set up the second machine.

8:16 PM  

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