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Sunday, February 19, 2006

Wish in one hand..

Sometimes I wonder.. why do we wish for things that we know we can't have?

When I was young and would say the words "I wish..." for this or that, my ever so wise Nana would come out with her famous saying: Wish in one hand and "chit" in the other and see which gets filled first. Heh, that was Nana's way of saying that you were wishing for foolishness. But that's expected from children isn't it? To wish for foolish things?

Wishing sure changes when you get old. No longer is it for a new toy or an expensive pair of jeans with a designer label.. Now, thoughts go towards wishing you didn't live in pain all the time, or for over all better health, or even that you could be assured a longer amount of time before you die.

But every now and then a wish... or maybe it's just a silly thought, floats up into your mind. Rarely, have I ever Wished to be Young again.. (well.. maybe a little.. like to be able to be in my 40's again lol.. but never YOUNG!)

I've wished to get rid of pain and wrinkles and look and feel better.. You know, attractive enough that maybe George Lucas, or Harrison Ford would at least notice you! hahahaha... But at least that's a reasonable wish. I'm not asking to be gorgeous or to be anything but what I am, just look and feel a tad better.

Then.. that silly thought floats back.. I'll be danged if I ever wanted to be young again.. but then there IS this very young skater that would certainly have me drooling if I were!

Yeah.. Apolo Anton Ohno... is he gorgeous or what?!! Now there is someone who makes me wish I was 20 again!! Gads! Where was Apolo when I WAS 20?!

I think I fell for Apolo the first time I saw him at the Olympics four years ago. I had never seen or heard of Short Track before, and doubted it would interest me.. until this fine looking young man skated on to the track! Just look at that face and tell me he isn't the cutest thing to come along in a long time! haha..

Oh well.. I sure know what Nana would say if she were here now! .... yeah, yeah Nana, I know! I know!

Last night I watched as Apolo managed to win his way in the heats to be in the finals. I sure don't know if he will win gold or not, but if he doesn't it won't be from not giving it everything he has.

If you didn't watch and hear stories about him on the Olympic channel, let me tell you.. I was SHOCKED. Shocked, and afraid for him. It seems since his win in short track 4 years ago the South Koreans have built a very large hatred for him.. so much so that at some meets Apolo has had to have body guards, because of death threats.

Ummm, what is wrong with that picture? Death threats? For winning a sport event? Doesn't it make you wonder what someone would do to you that actually did harm to you ?? Somehow, the word SPORTMANSHIP seems to have escaped their minds.

The kicker to that story is that Apolo won that gold because of a disqualification.. ummm, the last I heard Apolo wasn't one of the judges that made that decision, so again I wonder why he is hated so? I find now that I know about the threats, I am watching the people in the stands as much as I trying to watch Apolo when he races. It has to weigh heavy on him that any person sitting there watching could be wishing harm on him .. and worse, have intentions on doing something about it.

Sigh, so.. I will watch tonight to see if Apolo wins the gold. I will pray that there is no one at the Olympics that wishes him harm, and I will hope he wins the gold (or any medal) but if he doesn't.. well.. he's still so dang cute, who cares?! !!


Blogger Paula said...

Apolo's troubles as you describe them put me in the mind of Nancy Kerrigan, Tania Harding, and THAT whole, so sad.

(My television reception is very poor here--and I DON'T do cable/satellite--the only station I get is a local pbs affiliate. Haven't seen any of the Olympics...)

9:52 PM  
Blogger Carly said...

The Game Show Channel has a new show called, "Anything to Win." It deals with folks who broke all the rules in the pursuit of winning. DeLorean, The Lottery Scandal, and even The Soapbox Derby Scandal. Sigh. And who could forget Wanda Holloway, the Texas Cheerleader Murdering Mom. Somtimes I wonder how one could think that way. It's a shame a fine athlete had to endure death threats, for trying his best at his chosen sport. And by the way...yep...he's a keeper! :)

4:22 PM  

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