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Friday, March 17, 2006

Lost Day..

Well.. yesterday was a lost day ..

After I hurridly put that post in, the electrician showed up at the house. David was having the old breaker box changed to upgrade and be safer.. For them to do this we were without electricity for almost 6 hours! (that's the longest the computer has been turned off during the day time lol.. I leave it on even when I'm not in front of it.. lazy, I hate to keep logging on and off, so i leave it on) No heat either.. thankfully the house was only "cooling off" by the time he had things wired back up and the heat returned.

When David came home we had to bring two cats to the vets. Missy, had been sick and was on antibiotics and needed a urine test to determine if all was well again. (it's not.. 3 more weeks of pill giving!... to a cat who is now DETERMINED NOT TO GET PILLS!)

And we took Peanutchew to get her nails clipped. It seems that since I open my window in my room some, and because it's very close to a tree... well... she thought she could attack the resident squirrel and made some small tears in the NEW screen..heh.. didn't go over will.. so "clip clip".. not that having her nails clipped will detur her any the next time she see's that squirrel!

So... that was another 86.00 at the vets! These cats have it made! They are all strays (9) and he gets their shots each year (even though they are inside cats) and anything they need done! One needed dental work to the tune of 600.00 ! Free stray cats huh? yeah right!

You should see when David grocery shops lol... 6 bags and 2 are full of cat food each week! Now I dare anyone to tell me there isn't a blinking red neon sign on Dave and Jims heads saying: SUCKER! hahaha


Anonymous Bill, the Wildcat said...

Yikes! Those are some expensive little cats. I've owned a few over the years, and as sweet as they can be, I still say they're all little demons (Frank included! Okay... especially Frank). Those are some cute pics of those two, btw.

11:02 AM  

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