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Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday

Well.. it's Good Friday. I hope all of you have the day off of work to rest and enjoy the Holiday that's about to descend upon us.

I hope those of you with kids, or grandkids, or neighbors kids who celebrate Easter in the traditional way (Easter eggs, candy etc) all manage to have some fun along with celebrating it Religiously. So I hope everyone has a great Good Friday and Easter!! ( I will post an "easter bunny" that visited DeForest and Carolyn one year on Sunday)

Meanwhile.. I'm more then glad yesterday is over. It was one of those days I dread, when just about everything I did "was not good enough".. I know that's my lot in life but the times it slams you in the face gets really hard to deal with, even after all these years of knowing it's true.. it still hurts.

That along with Blogspot problems (my mirrored journal) seem to be ended .. for the moment.. I sure hope so anyway.

Wow.. I was just looking out my window and between a house and a large shed for the marble company across the street.. I can see yellow! It's a Forsythia Bush!! I tried to grow Forsythia in Florida once.. guess what.. without a winter freeze it got smaller each year until it just died.. sigh.. so i grew Crepe Myrtles just because they look so much like Lilacs lol..

I will tell you my most favorite flower of all ...Lilacs!! I had two bushes, one purple and one white when i was first married and lived in New Jersey.. each time they would bloom I would pick one and walk around with it all day smelling it!! A note here: the artificial sprays to smell like lilac.. make me sick! go figure huh? Which brings to mind something my mother always did and I could not figure out "why"! Everytime she'd ummm.. well... use the bathroom, she would spray it with one of those sprays that are supposed to smell like roses or lilacs, ya know what I mean? For the life of me I could never figure out why she did that... all it did was make it smell like poopy roses or poopy lilacs!! And for some reason she never noticed.. sigh.

Ok enough of that talk! heh.. I guess it's time I get a move on here and do something.. Here's wishing everyone a safe and happy Holiday!


Blogger Chris said...

Funny how certain phrases catch your eye in a journal entry. I saw marble company and went from thinking of tombstones to kitchen counters to the toy marbles.

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4:54 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hope the Blogspot problems get straightened out. I'm still trying to fix things with my software. I know when I get a comment, but I don't know what it is.

And oh, I was reading the other day that one of the newer link spamming techniques is to take a phrase out of your entry or one of the comments and quote it to make their entry look more legitimate. Again, it's automated software. It's not fair that we have to do all the work to fight this scourge and they get paid for it, huh?

10:27 AM  

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