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Friday, April 07, 2006

Two meme's for the price of one..

I'm going to do two meme's i found while reading journals.. two for the price of one! ya can't beat that! haha..

First is Stephen over at (sometimes) Photoblog has Feline Friday.. last week we had a few nice days (before the snow) and having the porch door opened was an invitation to the cats to come out running to get that one bit of sunbeam to lay or sit in. Peanutchew thought the clay pot that still had dirt in it was a good sitting spot. It gave her a clear view out the glass in the door to the bird feeder, but at times it looked as if the warm sunbeam was winning the contest and she'd close her eyes and just drink in the warmth.

Then, Plittle over at Aurora Walking Vacation sent out a challenge meme to go to Wikipedia and pick three interesting historical events that occurred on your birth date, plus two births, and one death. Here's what I found happened on March 24th of a few different years.


1944- In an event later dramatized in the movie The Great Escape, 76 prisoners begin breaking out of Stalag Luft III.

1965 - NASA spacecraft Ranger 9, equipped to convert its signals into a form suitable for showing on domestic television, brings images of the Moon into ordinary homes before crash-landing.

2006 - Pope Benedict XVI adds 15 men to the College of Cardinals, in the first consistory of his Pontificate.


1924 - Norman Fell, American actor (d. 1998) (I once aided Norm at a show.. never knew his birthday was the same as mine!)

1930 - Steve McQueen, American actor, director, and producer (d. 1980)


1905 - Jules Verne, French author (b. 1828) (wow!)

Pretty interesting stuff don'tcha think?


Blogger Charles said...

yes it is interesting, and a nice picture of your cat by the way. Hmm, does your cat like to play with plastic bags like mines do? LOL

Here is my link to my Wikipedia birthday:

3:40 PM  
Anonymous Redbird said...

Sitting PURRdy! Don't you just love their "what's mine is mine and what's yours is mine" attitude? :D
~ Redbird

11:55 AM  

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