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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Last try.. and other stuff..

I finally finished my Margaret Weis book (Dragons Summer Flame) last night (only moments before LOST came on!). It was a rather fat book for paperback being nearly 600 pages.. and it ended "semi-happily"...?.. meaning, some things were a good ending and others made you sad. I won't delve into it in case some of you read the Margaret Weis and Tracy Hickman Dragonlance series. (well, it's not "just theirs".. but they do an awful lot of writing for it )

Now I have a decision to make.. I have Angela Lansbury's biography I want to read (especially since I just obtained her autograph) but.. I also have another trilogy written by Margaret Weis, and at the moment I haven't let go of her characters, and I don't know if this trilogy deals with the same characters or not. Decisions, decisions....

After I finished the book I watched Lost.. boy.. I know I've said it before but..I am NOT looking forward to summer reruns .. more and more they take their time building on things and make you wait through reruns to find the answers.. that's not nice to do to us "elders".. after all we can't take the stress as easily as you young folks can! Last night they left a cliff hanger with Michael appearing and then of course passing out so no one knows what happened to him! All I have to say is .. they have some good writers, they always leave you hanging!

I don't know if anyone remembers me mentioning that I am on AOL dialup..heh.. ok nuff said huh? Well.. because of their most "generous" timer that will boot you off line, I am forced to keep the aol radio on.. which in turn, slows the dialup down so much that it can take 5 minutes (yes 5 minutes!) to upload some of the journals i read! Anyway.. every so often when I am "done" being at the computer i will actually turn up the aol radio and listen a bit. I found this comedy station.. wow talk about bringing back memories! The were playing parts of Bob Newhart from his ancient album "The Button down mind of Bob Newhart".. I hadn't heard that routine since I was maybe a teenager! That wouldn't be so bad but I still laughed at it!! Gosh, he is a funny, funny man! If anyone remembers the Bob Newhart Show you have an idea of what I mean.

Tim Conway is another comedian that I can't watch without almost wetting my pants laughing. He always reminded me of Red Skelton in that he had a hard time not laughing at his own antics. (which in turn just made me laugh all the more.) I guess I'll have to put that comedy station on more often.. by the way who's your favorite comedian??

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