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Monday, April 10, 2006

Spring has sprung and summer's comin'

 Sunday was sunny but still pretty cold here in NJ, but my thoughts went to the fact that summer will be here soon. That's when we go from complaining about the cold to complaining about the heat. (and you wonder why spring and fall are my favorite seasons??)

Summer upsets me for other reasons then just the heat though.. it's called "re-runs" *sigh*.. how I hate when 99% of television is reruns! To know why you have to know that television is like my "company".. since i can rarely leave this house and stay in my room when I am not doing something for my brother downstairs (or some housework).. I am alone in this room. But even when I lived alone the television would always be on even when I wasn't watching it. (which is actually, quite a bit of the time)

Reruns came to mind because last night was Greys Anatomy, and you guessed it... it was a rerun. That show and Lost are my favorites and it really gets to me when they pop reruns in without warning, let alone for the entire summer! ugh!

Recently, my girlfriend, Annie gave me a gift certificate for for my birthday.. so I ordered some books. At least now I have plenty to read for a while during those reruns ! Most of the books I ordered were by Margaret Weis and belong to the Dragonlance series. (I am beginning to think that's a nonstop series!) The one good thing about them is that I am hooked on a number of the that means I always like them no matter what the story line is about. The one book I purchased that wasn't Margaret Weis was a biography of Angela Lansbury, which I am looking forward to reading.

I also think I am slowly starting to write a fourth edition to the stories that I wrote.. I actually managed 6 pages yesterday and today..nearly 1,500 words.. I guess I can consider that a beginning... but the first chapter isn't finished yet, so we'll see.

I hope I can get back to the writing.. it's really hard when I am interrupted so frequently by my brother calling me downstairs to get him something. Part of me knows where I am going with the chapter but then there's the part that I remember from writing before when suddenly the characters take on a life of their own and go somewhere I didn't know it was going. When that happens, if I get interrupted, the ideas are gone by the time I get back... and those are the times I relish the most. So, I think I am entering this new write with a lot of trepidation. I just hope I can hold it together once I really get going on it.

It was easier when I wrote my first stories a few years ago.. my brother could still get around somewhat and do some things for himself.. now he never leaves the sofa and I have to get him all his needs. It sure doesn't help my stress and depression any... which is another reason I hope I can get into writing again. It helps me escape for moments at a time. I look forward to being in Kesterwood Forest once again, surrounded by familiar characters and at the same time i'm afraid to reach out for them not knowing if I can finish my thoughts each time I am with them.

Knightbek over at The Wildcats Lair is setting a goal of writing 1,250 words a day... I would probably have to stay awake day AND night to do that ! As one grows older not only the brain needs sleep.. but the falling apart body does too!! heh, so staying up later isn't an option.. it wouldn't do me any good to be brain dead while I try to write ... however, it might be interesting to see what sort of dribble I wrote the next day haha.

I guess it all boils down to the fact I've been down again... wishing I could have a life of my own instead of living someone else's life. But that's not an option either.

I'd better start trying to keep my mind in Kesterwood Forest, at least there I have full control of things... well... sometimes :o)


Blogger Chris said...

When the tv guide doesn't have that little (N) beside one of your favorite shows, do you still tune in at the beginning just to see if they accidentally left it off or it is an episode that you had missed? ha ha ha never works, does it? Damn reruns.

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1:08 PM  
Blogger Charles said...

I hate reruns too. I missed last weeks episode of lost. I programmed my VCR to tape it, but I forgot to turn the thing off. So that is the only rerun that I am looking forward to this year. When this summer comes, I will be focusing on getting in shape, and making it my goal to clean up our nasty backyard.

I hope you find some time for yourself to get your story rollin'.

1:39 PM  
Blogger redsneakz said...

::grin:: not having a TV has cut into the number of reruns I see.

Now, as for the 1250 word thing - it's not so imposing if you think of it this way: two typewritten pages, single-spaced. That's right. 66 lines by ten words per line by two pages.

5:01 PM  
Blogger Karen Funk Blocher said...

Here's the great secret to writing: there's no one way to do it. The only rule, other than trying to get the grammar, punctuation and spelling reasonably correct, is that you have to actually write stuff. Beyind that, you can go with a schedule, or a word count, or a write every day, or even a "write when I feel like it" routine, as long as you feel like it reasonably often. Go for it! - K.

12:29 AM  

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