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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Did you Dream?

A number of times i've read journals and people talk about dreams they've had and wonder what they mean.

It made me think of dreams I had as a kid. There was one scary dream that I had over and over, even into being an adult.. I guess it wasn't that many years ago that it finally stopped.
Mostly though, I was thinking of dreams like what you would want to be when you grow up. I didn't have a whole lot of them. I remember for a number of years I wanted to be a musician (which I did for a short time!) and the other dream of a career I had was to be a Veterinarian. That's one I think many girls have because of their love of animals.
I think that because of that dream I enjoyed Biology in HS , and even would walk in after school to the biology club and watched them dissect a dead cat. I think that pretty much made me realize that maaaaaybeeee I really didn't want to be a Vet after all ..heh.
But because of those childhood dreams I did have a big interest in music for many many years. And I still have an interest in Animals..though I don't want to operate on them.
I don't really remember having other dreams of a career, but that could be because when I was young most woman just wanted to grow up and get married and be a mother like their mother had done. Everything seemed to be directed towards Marriage instead of career. There just wasn't enough money around to put a son AND a daughter through college, not when they'd wind up married and it would be wasted anyway... which is the way it was thought of back then.
But ask me if I would like to have more schooling even at my old age.. go ahead.. ask. The answer is yep! I would... IF I could study just what interested me. (and IF I had the money to do it and means to get to the school.. slight difficulty there)
So, what would I want to learn more about? Ohhh, well I'd take some creative writing most likely, and some art classes, and some computer classes... and if they had any here on the east coast, I'd do voiceover again (that was too much fun not to repeat!)
What were your career dreams as a child? If you're a female, were you raised wanting to be a "mommy"? Did any of you men want to be a policeman or fireman? What did you want to grow up to be? Would you like to return to school if you could take some classes that interested you? And what would they be?


Blogger Charles said...

I wanted to be a...



song writer




There were so many things that I waw interested in, but I didn't have the guidance and my mom didn't have the money.

2:59 PM  
Blogger Paula J. Lambert said...

It never occurred to me growing up that I couldn't be anything I wanted to be. Both my parents always worked (we were "latchkey" kids long before that term was ever coined) and my mom made more money at the post office than my dad did teaching high school chemistry. It never dawned on me that I didn't have options.

What's interesting is that, with six kids in the family, five of them girls, not all of us felt that way. My oldest sister, seven years older than I, had to fight to go to college and then had to pay for it herself when she got accepted into a program (and she never finished, something she has always regretted, and she still swears that's what she's going to do when she retires: finish school). What you say here is exactly what she experienced--my parents, even my educated dad, didn't understand why she'd even want to go to school. She was supposed to get married and have kids. There weren't any other options.

My oldest sister now makes six figures working in sales. The next oldest chose not to go to college (she, with my parents blessing, looked into business school, but got married instead) and is a clerical worker. Then came me, and I ended up teaching college. Next one: CPA. The youngest became a physical therapist.

I guess that's one thing about having so many kids: you, and they, sure learn a lot as each one passes down the line. I am SO glad I wasn't born ten years earlier...the idea of not being ALLOWED or even, maybe more sadly, EXPECTED to learn and grow is such a damn shame. My oldest sister is my hero. She fought like hell every step of the way and every difficulty she had made things easier for the rest of us. Thank God for women who fight.

1:08 AM  
Blogger Paula J. Lambert said...

I posted that comment before I read what Charles had written. Just wanted to add that I know lots of people have had options limited, or taken away, or never offered at all--for all kinds of reasons. It's a "damn shame" in absolutely every case and we all need to fight not just for what we deserve, but for what EVERYONE deserves. Education, and health care, are human rights. No question about it.

1:16 AM  
Blogger Karen Funk Blocher said...

Well, my mom was a professional psychologist and an amateur playwright/compiter/lyricist. I was always expected to go to college, and become...well, that part was up to me. - K.

5:37 PM  

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