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My name is Pat and I live in Florida. My skin will never be smooth again and my hair will never see color. I enjoy collecting autographs and playing in Paint Shop Pro.,along with reading and writing. Sometimes, I enjoy myself by doing volunteer "work" helping celebrities at autograph shows. I love animals and at one time I did volunteer work for Tippi Hedren's Shambala Preserve.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Up early...

Boy Howdy!...
So.. I am up early because the electrician is on his way and so is PSE&G. Today they will switch over the outside electrical lines. (don't ask what they are switching to! I only live here! may as well give me insurance papers to read... I just ain't gunna figure it out!)
Therefore: since all electric will be off again for a number of hours I came to put in a quickie post and read a few journals before I have to shut down.
Last night while IMing a friend I took a photo of those shelves I said I made in the last post and sent it to her. After I looked at the picture I guess I realized why I have such back pain yet. I have bulging disks in my lower back, so I have pain all the time.. but sometimes it seems better then other times, just never gone. Yesterday the pain stayed worse then normal, kinda figured that since i did things I don't normally do anymore building the shelves. This morning I woke and it seems every bit as bad. I really hope it eases up soon and hasn't "moved up a notch" to stay this painful. Well..not much I can do soooooo I'm going to post a photo of these shelves here simply because I don't have time for much else...

Ummmm, no the shelves are not painted... and noooo I'm not going to paint them!
My printer and scanner I cover because this house is so old and dirty and 9 cats full of flying fur (try that holding your tongue!). Under the shelves you see part of the De collection
Before my back began to pain me i enjoyed making some things.. granted they were "roughly" made but that's how i wanted them. I love the smell of wood at a lumber yard and love wood in general..
Ok I have to go read some journals before they turn off the electric here!


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