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Friday, June 23, 2006

Almost...but not quite...darn!

Oh boy... Anna's comment asking if I ever met Sean Connery brought back an instantaneous memory! (thanks Anna!... it brought a smile to this face of mine!) So this is for you Anna.... thanks again for the memory.. it was a good one to have! (after Dorn's comment she may enjoy this also)

As some might guess, it's yet another DeForest (and Carolyn) episode...heh, go figure huh? Anna asks about Sean Connery and it turns into a DeForest story. (get use to it! lol)

During my years knowing the Kelley's, it meant they got to know me pretty well too. They knew of my love for movies and often we would sit in a small room in their home and chat about this actor or that, or a new movie that just came out. (more the actors)

The room we'd often sit in was a small bedroom that they converted to a office.. well sorta .. it's where Carolyn would take care of De's Fan Mail, but it was also a room with some nice soft chairs where Carolyn would sit to read because the room had ceiling to floor windows, plenty of natural light and where they'd sit to watch the animals come to the feeders they had right outside the windows, including a hummingbird feeder which De had trouble keeping full because they were at it ALL the time!

Anyway, where was I? Oh Sean Connery, right.

I never really had to buy any "movie type magazines" (but i did) because De and Carolyn kept me up to date on any of the actors that they knew I liked. This included: Richard Widmark (who De had worked with on more then one occasion), Kevin Sorbo (who they didn't know until I told them about his Hercules series, and then Carolyn watched for him), Harrison Ford (who De agreed was one fine actor), and of course... Sean Connery!

At times Carolyn or De would cut out articles of those they knew I was ... let's say: fond of. Sometimes Carolyn took to mailing them to me, other times she'dcall me and tell me, "next time you are by here don't let me forget to give you this article i found".. and so it went.

One day I piece of mail came to my apartment from them. In it was and ad for a Golf Tournament.... a "celebrity" Golf Tournament, (now why the heck did they send me this?... I found out when I read more closely) any guesses who one of them was?..heh. Right.. Sean Connery! The tickets to it were very reasonable and I called my girlfriend Sue, who i knew liked Connery too, and suggested:

"Want to go see a golf tournament?"

"Say what?"

"A golf tournament"

"Yeah, right ,sure.. it's my favorite sport...not!"

"Sean Connery will be playing..."

"How much..and when?" ... heh..

So.... it just happened that shortly after they sent me this information, but still a few weeks before the golf tournament, I was visiting De and Carolyn. Naturally.. the subject came up of Sean Connery.... naturally.

And De was ready for this particular conversation... naturally.

"So... I will bring my Cannon with the zoom lens," I was telling them. "If I'm lucky to get anywhere near him I can maybe get some good pictures. Have you ever been to a golf tournament?" I asked.

De responded that indeed he had.

"Do you think I will get close enough with this zoom to get a good shot or too?"

"Oh.. yes, I'm sure of that."

"Oh.. great!! It's just good that I don't get too close though."

"Oh?" Carolyn queried.

"Well, to be honest here.. heh.. if I were close enough to hear that gorgeous (sexy) voice of his... Sue would be peeling me off of the ground!"

"Hmmm," says De...

"Hmmm?" says I..

"Well.. I suggest you wear green."


"Because at some point you will most likely get as close to him as you are to me right now and I would hate to see your white jeans get grass stains on them."

"gasp! You're joking right?"

(shit eating grin on his face) " nope"

(instant hot flash) "shit!"

(Carolyn is giggling uncontrollably) "Why? What's that matter Pat?"

"I'm just wondering how the pictures will look taken from the ground up!"

(total laugher on their part!)

As it turned out a week before the Tournament Connery had to cancel being in it.. so Sue and I cancelled our plans for the trip.. sigh.. well.. it's as close as I ever got to meeting Sean Connery. It's probably for the best though... my heart couldn't have handled seeing that face close up thru a zoom lens or hearing that voice!!

p.s De and Carolyn were nearly as devistated as I was when he cancelled... they really wanted to hear my reaction to seeing him in person! .. the little shits!


Blogger Paula said...

Oh, man! That's one painful near miss. Sean Connery...whoo-ee!

3:27 PM  

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