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Sunday, July 23, 2006

Movies that made me laugh?

Argh!.. since I talked about movies that make me cry, I was going to try to mention movies that make me laugh... so I turned on the television today and what's on? One of Haley Joel Osment's movies! "Pay it Forward"... dumbly, I watched! And dumbly I cried!

Well that put me in a great fix to try to write about movies that make me laugh! Instead it brought to mind another movie I should have mentioned that I always cry at.. The Color Purple!! Such a good movie!! And such a good cry at the end!!! But at least it's a "happy cry"..versus the "sad cry" like I just had in Pay it Forward! Oh, and one other movie I cried a lot at, but most people I know don't even know the movie, which surprises the heck out of me, it's called: What Dreams May Come. This is a Robin Williams movie, and he's made me cry more then once in more of his movies. He may be best known as a stand up comic, but he's a much better actor then he gets credit for. (even though he did get an award for The Fisherking.)

So.. there is crying over something that's a happy moment, and crying over the sad moments, and then...... there's the cry that goes from a few tears to a full, blown out "now I can't stop crying" cry!! (I really have to thank Kyitoe for bringing up this subject! Since he did I've cried more then laughed! Like my own depression doesn't make me cry enough! gimme a break!) I'm almost afraid to turn on the tv guide channel and see what else is on today!

Oh! I forgot one.. have you ever started laughing at something and then you can't stop laughing?... and then you laugh so hard you start to cry?!.. and then you can't stop crying??!! I have!.. I never can figure out how I go from laughing to a full blown cry! Yeah, yeah, I know.. it must be afemale thing!

I was more then happy that the HBO movie this week was War of The Worlds. No crying! But that has to be because I'm not a Tom Cruise fan. I am however a big Dakota Fanning fan, and she was fantastic in it. This kid is already a great actress, I hope it continues for her.

So now, here I sit trying to think of movies that make me laugh..yeah right. Well I know there are some, just trying to think of them now that I've had my cry for the day isn't the easiest thing to do! I know I've chuckled at Shrek and Ice Age, but those are cartoon movies.

I can come up with a few old movies that I know I had laughs through out the movie but I honestly can't remember one, right now, that made me laugh really really hard. Hmmm, oh well, I can remember laughing during the original Pink Panther movie, with Peter Sellers, and during Blazing Saddles with Gene Wilder and Cleavon Little, and in one black and white movie that I still find funny and sooooo well done, called: Murder By Death, which besides being funny, had one of the biggest "all star casts" I can ever remember seeing together! Eileen Brennan - Truman Capote - James Coco - Peter Falk - Alec Guinness- Elsa Lanchester- David Niven- Peter Sellers- Maggie Smith - Nancy Walker - Estelle Winwood - James Cromwell , if you ever tried to get that many stars in one move today, it would be impossible because of the salaries they require now. But it is a really fun movie (a spoof of old time detectives trying to solve a mystery) and holds up today as well as it did in 1976 when it was released.

On this note, I will end this post... but first, a few lines of script from Murder By Death... enjoy... and then tell me what movies you found funny.

Jessica Marbles: I smell gas!
Miss Withers: I can't help it, I'm old.
Jessica Marbles: No, not that kind of gas. The kind that kills!
Miss Withers: Well, sometimes my gas...

Milo Perrier: He's gone!
Jessica Marbles: Who's gone?
Milo Perrier: The butler. Here's the key.
Sidney Wang: If butler gone, where you find key?
Milo Perrier: In his pocket.
Jessica Marbles: What pocket?
Milo Perrier: The butler's pocket.
Sidney Wang: Butler gone but pocket still there?

Sidney Wang: No pulse, no heartbeat. If condition does not change, this man is dead.

Sidney Wang: What meaning of this, Mr. Twain?
Lionel Twain: I will tell you, Mr. Wang, if YOU can tell ME why a man who possesses one of the most brilliant minds of this century can't say his *prepositions* or *articles!* "What IS THE," Mr. Wang! "What IS THE meaning of this?"
Sidney Wang: That what I said! "What meaning of this?"


Blogger Patrick said...

I have probably watched "Murder By Death" 50 times! It is definitely one of my favorites. Each cast member seems a perfect fit for his or her role.

And Twain's lecturing of Wong on grammar is hysterical.

11:17 PM  
Blogger Patrick said...

By the way, another of my favorite lines:

WANG: Quickly, go back to kitchen, get dining room key from pocket of dead butler.

PERRIER: You don't have to say "dead butler." It's bad enough that I have to put my hand in his pocket!

1:34 AM  
Blogger Kiyotoe said...

My pleasure (bringing up the topic). Unfortunately it's easier for me to recall movies that made me cry as opposed to the ones that make me laugh. My family is so into making each other laugh that most of the times, movies can't compete. HOWEVER, Blazing Saddles is HILARIOUS!

7:00 PM  

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