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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Another NJ day..

When I lived in Florida I lived on a dirt (sand) road.. dusty? yes. But oh so much nicer to look at. Often, back when my children were younger, yet we still lived in NJ, we would visit my in-laws. They had retired to Virginia, a small town named Boydton, located on the boarder of VA and North Carolina. Actually they lived outside of it but the mail went to Boydton.. they lived in the country.. dirt roads and lots of trees around. Boy how I loved that place. You could walk to the "lake", which was actually a reservoir named John Kerr Reservoir. You could also walk to a camp area not far from where they lived. Even after a big breakfast of your own, the minute you walked into the woods of the camp grounds you would get hungry all over again! You could smell the coffee brewing on open fires, and bacon! Ohhhh, the smell of bacon in the open air!! Help me please! How can I be hungry? I just ate! I am obviously not a city person at heart.
Now I live with my brother, across the street is a stone business of some sort. Trucks going in and out all day long. Loud bangs as they dump things from the trucks and the back flap flies back to hit the truck.. sigh. I miss the quiet of the woods.
The other day I had an email requesting that I be a Guest Editor for aol journals. Wow, that was nice! I had to turn it down though because I don't really know enough new journals or blogs to recommend them. I have picked up a few that I can say I haven't noticed other guest editors lists but most that I read have been mentioned before.
I generally don't find new journals only because of the time involved. I read many now and most of those post everyday so it's a lot of reading. The newest ones I've been reading are not on aol. Not that I have a preference in journals that are somewhere else, I don't care where they are as long as I enjoy them... but I may have checked them out from someone's comments and liked what I read. I thought I would mention the 3 newest ones that I've been reading even though I'm not doing the guest editing.
The first one I picked up is called Here In The Hills. This is Naomi's journal. She writes alot about her cactus plants, most of which bloom these extraordinary flowers! And her kitty Sweetie, who even has her own blog! And even with all that to write about, she also writes about her friends, of which many are celebrities. It's nice to read about them in the "everyday sense" and know they are good people, just like we hoped they would be.
The next one I am enjoying is Sandra Ruttan: On Life And Other Inconveniences Sandra is a writer, and is about to have her first book published called Suspicious Circumstances. I'm not sure what it is about her journal that keeps me going back, but she has a way of writing that certainly makes it enjoyable to read, even if I'm not a person in that business. Often she posts the greatest pictures of her kittens which I enjoy too. I think her book will do good if she writes stories anything like she does her blog.
The third and last new journal I've gotten attached to is THE DRAGON: 050376 Kiyotoe, as he calls himself, is a very fine writer. So much so that I found myself going back and reading in his Archives. He has a way of writing that makes you want to read everything. Though when I went to his journal today it seems to have disappeared! I'm certainly hoping it's a glitch with blogspot because I'd hate to loose reading his journal.
I've been stressed more than usual lately and my journal isn't all that has suffered.. I seem to have lost any thoughts other then the things I can't do anything about. I sure hope this passes soon... I'd like to get back to my writing and more regular on my journal again.. right now it's mostly like I have a "blank mind" to do anything..sigh.. this too shall pass... I just don't know when!


Blogger Chris said...

Sometimes those urban nature shots are a great reminder that nature perserveres. I know what you mean about the time difference. A few weeks ago, I missed the PERFECT sunset in 5 minutes. I saw it, ran in to get the camera set it up on the tripod and by the time I was set, what had been a perfectly round orange ball in the sky had sunken halfway below the horizon.

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12:54 PM  
Blogger Kiyotoe said...

There you go again with those beautiful pictures of home. Let me take a moment............
Sometimes i get really homesick. But that stone business across the street has to suck. Maybe they'll run out of rocks soon or something.

Thanks for the endorsement in this entry and thanks for letting me know that something was afoul with my page. I think I've fixed the issue, though I have nothing interesting to share today. Maybe tomorrow. In fact, I'm sure tomorrow.

p.s. - Of course I'll always stop by, 201, 973, or whatever new area code they've put in, we gotta stick together.

8:08 PM  

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