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Wednesday, August 02, 2006

It's always something..

It's not like me not to post at least something each day.. but yesterday was a busy day.

My brother is finally in the hospital..not sure what will come of it. (He can't stand up long enough to move his butt to the potty seat).. I'm sure they will run their usual tests on him since he is diabetic and paralyzed on one side and hasn't been to the doc in a number of months.. up until he couldn't stand we managed to take him once a month or every 6 weeks so they will want to run tests. (blood test/ urine etc) Also because sooner or later he will have to go on far it's surprised the doctors that he hasn't needed to go on that yet. Then maybe a therapy place for a week or two.. maybe.. don't really know what will happen next, and it takes nearly an act of God to find out anything.. oh well.. I actually feel less stress right now because he's there where he can get the sort of help that David or I can give him. I just hate the hospital trips each night, he and David talk a bit, then they watch television until it's time to leave. It's a long 2 hrs. each night.

Aside from that it's all the heat! It was 99 yesterday but the news said from the humidity it was like 112!!.. and yes the minute you step outside it's nearly even hard to breath let alone even walk to the car. More of the same today and tomorrow.. t hen a "cold front" is due to pass thru.. which means severe storms AGAIN, and "cooler" (mid to high 80's) temps.

My room has no air conditioner in it... need I say more? I've had to shut the computer down and leave it turned completely off because the tower generates heat that this tiny room sure doesn't need! I think I will try to daydream that I am back at the roomy hotel with the air on!

Kiyotoe asked in comments on my blogspot journal where the convention was. I guess I blanked on that bit ..heh. It was at a Crown Plaza Hotel in Secaucus NJ. That's at the Meadowlands where Giants Stadium is located. As you saw from the photo's I posted it's really only a short distance to NY.

I used to go to NY quite a bit when I was 17-20 yrs old but other thanone convention years and years ago I haven't been back there. During those young years I used to "hang out" in Grenwich Village, where all the hippies went. In reality, it was a true melting pot of people. As it turned out the place we'd go to hear a great jazz band was call Downstairs of the Upstairs (or Upstairs of the Downstairs.. or something of that nature!) Downstairs had small jazz bands... Upstairs was a bit more expensive ..dinner and celebrity bands and singers. It became one of the places to go later on.

On yet another topic I see where AOL is going free to those on high speed. (dialup remains) I'm not sure if it's the full program or not. So much I am upset about with AOL but they have great spam blockers and pop up blockers!.. so much so that I nearly stopped going on the web they were so disgusting.. . I wonder if those things come with the free aol? Ah well, guess I'll learn soon enough.

Getting hot in my room so I guess it's time to shut the computer down again... this sucks as much as turning it off for lightening storms, only it's sunny out and I still have to turn it off!.. argh!


Blogger Kiyotoe said...

Ahhhh the Meadowlands. I kinda figured. I think every kid growing up in Jersey (our part of it anyway) used to spend adventure filled days hanging out in "the city". I remember the days of skipping school and catching the bus to Penn Station and spending the day in NYC looking for trouble rather than avoiding it.
As for the heat, hopefully you at least have a fan or two or three. A trick I learned in college (b4 I could afford A/C) get a big bowl of ice, lay it either in front or in back of the fan. Position yourself directly in the path of that cooled off air to cool you off. It works, I promise.

2:54 PM  

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