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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Questions but no answers

The other day while talking with a friend in IM, the subject came up that a lawyer was suing a video game for contributing to a murder... (a young person who constantly played a violent game murdered someone) part of our conversation I saved and put here..........

ME: i think things like violent games do "contribute" to a mental condition... but it isn't the cause of one

L: no it doesn't cause one

ME: I also think porn movies contribute to those who go out and rape others.. but the problem is already there.. it just gives the problem the extra boost to go do it. And to those without a problem to begin with.. well.. i guess they enjoy the movie lol.

L: yeah' games can feed the anger already there or help release it

ME: so i think there shouldn't be so many violent games.. yes it feeds the violence... and one can't choose who buys them

L: for my son, it helps him find an outlet for his anger so they can be helpful, that is a nasty game though

ME: exercise in any form seems to help release anger

L: yes it does

ME: he should take up a sport

L: he doesn't have time

ME: if he has time to sit and play the game he has time to walk a tread mill or do a sport... that's ALL our excuses! "no time"

L: heheheheh true

ME: trust me, when anyone finds something they enjoy... the time miraculously appears lol

L: yup you are right

I honestly don't believe the violent video games cause someone to go out and rape or murder anyone, but Ido believe they can act like a catalyst to someone who already has those tendencies...

I don't pretend to know the answer.

The inventors of the games have the right to build them. And people have freedom of choice to buy them or not.

But still, everyone isn't a doctor. Not everyone can diagnose that someone has a tendency towards violence... so... is there any logical answer?

Movies, and television have violence also... should there be more restrictions?

Where does it begin? ..... Where does it end?

Is it really only a problem to someone who is the victim of violence?


Another "obsession" which seems to be going beyond it's original intention when invented, is the Cell Phone. I think this was created to be good thing, a useful thing.... but can/ has turned into it being abused, and over used.

The Cell Phone was made for many good reasons.. no more wires to restrict one to sit next to a phone, excellent for emergencies when not near a "normal phone" etc.

But look what's happening.. places are restricting the use of them in their establishments. They are being used to "cheat on tests" in schools (and who knows where else). And one of the newest revelations is that they are finding out they cause Stress, which leads to other health issues.

Why is this? Because, since you can telephone anyone at any time of the day or night, (since they are not "away" from a phone,) people are no longer really "away" from their work and jobs. They are no longer AWAY from anyone! It's like being "on call" 24/7. The time that was once "your own" is no longer.

They have been banned in many states from being used in moving vehicles (yeah like not here, because every time I am in a car I see people driving and on their cell phones!) So they invent "hands free" tiny phones that hang on your ear. And this is better???? Are you driving safely when your mind is on the conversation you are having on the "hands free phone"??? Ahhh no. Your mind is on what is being said and what you will say in return. And due to "traffic noises" you become "intent" on listening harder then normal... once again taking your mind off of potentially dangerous situations that may arrive while driving.

Truly the Cell Phone was invented for really good reasons! And they have proved to be useful for those reasons. But.. again, they are abused and misused ALL the time. And worst of all, are now proven to be bad for your Stress levels.

It makes me wonder... is it worth it? Is your health of so little importance? Are the deaths of those killed in car crashes proven to be a result of a Cell Phone worth it all?

I am not against new technology! I guess sometimes I just don't understand .


Blogger Kiyotoe said...

Violence in video games and movies is make believe, however, they have the ability to ignite something in a person that may be dormant until that spark is lit. Unfortunately it's a case where that dormant mindset needs to be discovered before anything can be done to prevent the violence.

I hate cell phones! Oops, gotta go, just got a text message.

9:05 PM  
Blogger paz y amor said...

It sounds like the person you were chatting with is a bit in denial. Of course their kid can play sports if he wanted to, but a lot of kids these days are LAZY and these video games contribute to their sedintary ways! I work with kids who can sing every song on the radio verbatim and know how to kill stuff on video games, but ask them to memorize their times tables and OHHH its an issue.

9:23 AM  
Anonymous Jeff said...

Violent and sexual games and television/movies dull the sensitivities of those who watch or participate. Sex and violence just isn't as big of a deal as it used to be because of that. Society is decaying as a result.

Don't get me started on cell phones!

10:59 AM  
Blogger DesLily said...

Jeff: Good point that violence and sex, be it in a game or movie/ tv does desensitive and after a while "it" becomes "normal".. pretty sad to think of.

Paz: I don't think today's young people have very good examples for their "hero worshipping". hmmm lets see.. a prize to the first one to come up with song using the times table! yeah! ok ok so that's not gunna happen

LOL Kiyotoe! I didn't say cell phones weren't useful lol.. I just don't think it's a good life walking around with a phone haning on your ear... no time to think!

1:24 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

I think a large portion of it comes down to parental responsibility. If a kid is being left alone to sit in front of a TV, a computer, a video game, a cell phone for hours, his/her mind will be influenced. If the family is giving appropriate attention and influence to a childs life, then the influence of outside media is greatly reduced.

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3:13 PM  
Anonymous julie said...

I just turn the darn phone off. If someone *really* wants me, they know how to find me. When I need to be in touch 24/7 (like when a relative is ill) then Caller ID is my friend. People who really need to reach me know that I screen calls.

9:43 PM  

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