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Monday, October 30, 2006

Please Pay in Full...

If anyone wants to have an Anxiety Attack, or Stress, or even a Stroke or Heart Attack I have an easy way for you to accomplish it...

Simply receive something from a "Collection Agency" that reads like the following:

Now, if this hasn't already given you any of the effects listed above, add to it that you receive this on a weekend, and therefore can't call until Monday to try to straighten it out!

I guess I am lucky.. I didn't have the stroke or heart attack, but Anxiety and Stress (on top of what I carry around daily) reared their sweet little heads to the point of affecting my sleep.. and even the old "geez, my hands are shaking".

I did get to call on this today and "straightened things out". But the fact remains it put me thru stress and anxioty that I didn't need, and may have been even worse for someone else. And why did this happen you ask? Beats me!

I did have 2 separate MRI's about 2 yrs ago. At the time I was on Medicaid. The Imaging company assured me it was covered and I never (NEVER) received any bills that could be listed as "unpaid". So I sit here and wonder how something like this can occur?

How can a collection agency say you didn't pay a bill(s) that you never received? Is there no where that tells a company that they have sent said bills out?? And if I had to show my Medicaid card, and the company Xerox's it each and every time, where did the proof of coverage disappear to?

I will admit the collection place was very nice. They didn't even ask for my old Medicaid number but I insisted they take it anyway! They said "ignore the bill".. I said, "how will I know for sure, I don't want my credit blemished". She said, "I've already eliminated the bill." I guess there's no guarantee on this, and it better not come back and slap me in the face 6 months from now. I did hear her typing away at her computer as we spoke so I did get a "good feeling" she was putting in the appropriate information.

So........ if anyone wants to stress out, I can forward that "bill" to you if you want!


On another note:

After my post yesterday I'd like to respond to Karen, who mentioned she wished she had know that I was going to see the "kids" from A Christmas Story, because she was curious to know if one of those "kids" (Ian Petrella) had a bit part in Back to The Future.

I don't know off hand Karen, but I sent off an email to Scotty Schwartz, who is good friends with Ian and I feel sure he will email an answer to your question. I don't expect him on line for a day or two, I'm sure today they are flying back to California, but as soon as I know I'll forward his email response.

And Annie asked if I had seen a few of the guests listed on the Chiller Web site. I did see Robert Culp, who looked very well in his denim jeans and jacket, and I saw Richard Anderson, who was showing his age, but still maintained a smile for everyone.

And yes, I saw Lou Ferrigno before the show began and he came right up to say hello to me. (since I've worked with him on occasion in CA) He looks thinner then I am use to seeing him, but still very fit. For the first time ever I can see he is beginning to look his age also.

There was a rumor I was told of later about Lou, As some might know (or not know) Lou is on "special police force" out in CA and I heard there was an accident on the shooting range and he had gotten shot in his arm... happily for him all was ok, and it WAS an accident, and even better news was that the press didn't pick up on it! But, it's all rumor to me.


Blogger Kiyotoe said...

Pssshhh.....lady, I see two or three of those a week. lol.

But it helps when the person on the other end of the phone is considerate and polite. Which is rare.

11:20 AM  
Blogger Skittles said...

We got a surprise electric bill recently, $1400!!! Summer running two a/c units. With hubby home on disability that is an amount so far out of reach for us. I called the day we got the bill and they said we could not make payment arrangemnts. So, it sits in the bill basket, waiting for its brother "Shut-Off Notice" to arrive.

Thanks for the show updates.

1:49 PM  
Anonymous Mike said...

The only experience I have had with medical bills like that were after I got out of the hospital a few years ago after having pneumonia. The hospital would send us bills to pay, so we called the insurance that covered us. It seems that some hospitals have a policy of "double billing" patients, even after the insurance had paid them. We called and got it straightened out. But some were quite large. Glad you got yours taken care of.

2:24 PM  
Blogger Crunchy Carpets said...

Once when my bank messed up my student loan and I got a collections notice I had to get them to right a not to go on my credit history to show that THEY screwed up and not me...even if it was fixed and so on....

I hate stuff like that.

12:49 AM  

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