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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Naughty or Nice?

Oh me, oh my...

It looks as if Santa is making his list!!

.. and checking it twice! (gulp)

I wonder who he will find naughty or nice??!!

...And which list are you on???? (dare you to admit it!)


Last night, I'm guessing that I was on the nice list! As I browsed thru the television channels I made a dead stop on channel 13. (something I never do because it's the channel they hit you up for money to keep the station going)

There before my eyes was Johnny Mathis! *swoon* gawd, at age 71 that man still can sing like no one else! And he's still gorgeous to look at!!

That dimple in his chin and the crooked way he holds his mouth when he sings (gads! I'm beginning to drool again, where's that drool bucket when I need it?).. and I haven't even mentioned the sparkle in his eyes! *sigh*

I really dislike the channel he was on.. but dang it all... I found myself sitting through the "show me the money" parts just to hear him sing again!

It astounds me that he hasn't begun to loose his voice even at his age.. but I am Oooooooo so grateful! I couldn't have found a better show to watch before I fell off to sleep. Johnny Mathis is just one of those singers who has always been in my life, and for this... I can smile.


Blogger mimi said...

I love Johnny Mathis too; that was the second time this week; I was also fortunate enough - though I know it's not on the top of the glad I caught it list - Tony Bennett duets;I've always loved him. Like Mathis he's still FINE, although Mathis is more "PRETTY" than a good looking Hunka-Hunka-Man. Naughty/Nice? Seems arbitrary in an esoteric sort of way; I mean, who's to say? I can spot Naughty, I can spot Nice; I can FEEL both, the trick seems to be tranforming the Naughty to the Nice. Although, I think for the most part, I'm Nice consistently. I am working on matching my Nice with thoughts as well as actions. Have a wonderful Holiday! Love, micki

3:41 PM  
Blogger Skittles said...

He's soooo good!!!

11:55 PM  

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