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Sunday, December 03, 2006

Kitty Foyle

I wasn't sure I was going to post today... but early on I turned on the television to Turner Classic Movies and saw that a movie called "Kitty Foyle" was coming on.

My mind jumped instantly to a story that both DeForest and Carolyn told me about many years ago. I turned the channel on so that I might, once more, watch the movie, which contained a very handsome actor named Dennis Morgan. When this movie came out even I wasn't born yet! 1940

I realize that unless you are.. ummm, a bit past "prime age", that you very well never heard of Dennis Morgan. He was a handsome devil to say the least and someone you can look up information on here and here.

The story that De and Carolyn told me concerning Dennis Morgan went like this:

Dennis Morgan was Carolyn's favorite actor. (small crush involved)

DeForest always knew of Carolyn's "crush" and so when in 1959 Dennis got a short lived television series called 21 Beacon Street, DeForest told his agent to try to get him on the show.

Indeed DeForest got a part on one of the shows! He and Dennis became chummy very quickly and De told Dennis that he was his wife's favorite actor, and then asked him, if he called Carolyn on the phone would he say hello to her? Dennis told De that he'd be happy to.

De phoned Carolyn at home and when she answered he said, "Guess who is standing right next to me?"

Carolyn giggled.

De handed the phone to Dennis, who said hello to Carolyn... there was no response.

He said hello a second time, and when he again received no response he chuckled and carried on a one sided conversation, saying things like how nice it was to meet her and that he enjoyed having De on the set etc. Then he handed the phone back to DeForest.

De told me that Carolyn never said one word to Dennis.. she was so "enamored" that she found herself speechless! (Carolyn giggled as De told me the story)

Fast forward to September 7th, 1994. Somewhere about 9 at night, I was listening to the radio, "The Gregg Hunter Show". De and Carolyn were listening to the same show, as they did every evening that it was on.

Gregg Hunter's show was a call in show that discussed old movies and actors.. someone called and over the radio I heard this man say, "Did you hear that Dennis Morgan passed away today?" My heart sank! I knew the Kelley's were always listening to the radio, and I knew this was the way Carolyn was hearing that her favorite actor had died.

The next day I called Carolyn to see how she was. She told me she had Gregg on last night and did I hear about Dennis Morgan. I said yes. She said that when she heard it she felt a little silly because she began to cry. Then De, she said, reached over and held my hand and let me know it was ok to cry.

I remember thinking how wonderful I thought De was for understanding and loving Carolyn enough to let her have her little crush and even be sad that he had passed away. Then I wondered how it would feel to have someone love me that much.

Below are photos of De and Dennis.. I thought you would like to see what these two guys looked like long ago when Carolyn first had a crush on Dennis... Personally, I think Carolyn had really good taste in men! What do you think?


Blogger Chris said...

I like photos like that, seeing what someone looked like when they were younger, especially when my only concept of them is as an older person.

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12:02 PM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I love story's like this...It's always so wonderful when someone
mmets" their crush...though obviously it can be tongue-tying!!

Are you sure that is Ann Doran? It doesn't look like her to me....I remember her very very well and thought she was an exceptional actress...remember "Meet John Doe"?
She looks quite different in that picture...!

Dennis Morgan had a beautiful singing voice, too, you know....? He did sing in a few films....I am somewhat older than you Pat, so I remember seeing some of these "old" filme when they first came out---including "Kitty Foyle".

7:08 PM  

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