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Monday, February 12, 2007

This and That...

My mind is jumbled today.. not really unusal..
Sunday was a RARE day for me. Since David was home to take care of my brother, my neighbor took me out to get some things done that I needed to do before my trip to California.
The words me and out of the house normally are not said in the same sentence, since my brother cannot be left alone. Also the fact that my neighbor works alot and what little time she has off she has 2 kids to care for and to do her own errands.
But this weekend their father had the girls and she was off of work and she told me she would enjoy being out with just another adult. (a miracle to be sure)
First she took me to an ATM so I could get some much needed money for my trip. I have a charge card but things like a Taxi to and from the airport... well... they frown if you don't have cash, heh. They also toss you out and don't take you, heh.
Anyway, after that stop we went to JC Penny's. I knew I could use some clothes since I can't remember the last time I got anything new. (that's not an exaggeration) She took me there because she had gotten some 20% off coupons in the mail, they could be used for sale or non sale items.
I tried on some dungarees (jeans).. I am hard to fit, having big upper legs, and a big butt... but the small of my back remains "small".. therefore if i can get them over my big butt.. they are big in the waist. So naturally, when one sits down the back feels like your butt is exposed! It's not... but closer then I am happy with! So, in turn I have to wear oversized tops and shirts to be sure my butt doesn't hang out... all of this results in someone who could care less about clothes. So, of course I go for comfort.
I am happiest in winter clothes for this same reason.. I live in sweats in the winter.. baggy and no problems with the butt hanging out. But even then I wear oversized sweatshirts as I hate wearing a bra. At my age that's a HUGE no,no! Talk about "hanging out".. well 'nuff said.
Anyway, I found some jeans with stretch in them (anyone past a single digit clothing size looks for "stretch"!) I found some Gloria Vanderbuilt jeans (with stretch) on sale and tried them on... holy b'moley! They fit! (not mentioning the size!) And yes... the back of the waist still stuck out, so I will still need to wear oversized tops of some sort. I was shocked to find something on the first trip into the fitting rooms!
After wearing baggy sweats for months now I was shocked to see I still had legs! Overweight, though they may be, they still shocked me.
The sale price was only 24.99 (normally 39.99) I had figured I could get two jeans when I left home, and figured the 40 dollar each price. I went wild at the sale! Got the jeans in white and black and light blue! THREE PAIR! Then I found a pair of Lee jeans (dark blue) with stretch and tried those... comfy!! Now I was up to 4 pair of jeans! I haven't owned more then 2 pair of jeans at the same time in my whole life!
 (I still can't believe I bought 4 pair of jeans!)
I started looking for tops but was not having the same luck.. I did come across a brown shirt that felt like suede, but wasn't. I read the inside to see if it was washable and it was. It was on a sale rack for 5.99, normally 24.99.. it was X large... i took it!!
When they rang up my stuff and took off the extra 20% I had spent 86 dollars.. Crimey! Four jeans and a top! I had figured on only 2 jeans for that price!! It was more then I should have spent but I figure I am set in jeans for at least another 5 years now! (hoping I don't gain alot of weight that is)
The final place we went was Target where I didn't spend much at all... thank goodness! All I got there was those tiny travel size things like deodorant and shampoo etc.
We went at 10:30 in the morning and got back at nearly 4 o'clock.. my old body and legs are not used to that much time on my feet without a sit down now and then... the evening turned into a mini horror as my calves began getting cramp after cramp! argh! It finally eased off about 10 pm. Talk about paying for a day off.... sheesh.
Today on television all we are hearing is about a storm headed our way "Storm Watch".. of goody, just what i wanted. (not) It figures that we haven't had snow yet this winter and now that it grows close to when I have to get to an airport and fly.. snow is on it's way. All I can do is hope that no matter what weather we get between now and March 5th is that on THAT day the roads are clear and it's not so freezing cold as to freeze the wings of the airplanes! Instead of excited, I'm getting nervous!
I am looking forward to the visit once I get there though! Spending time with some friends I made while I lived there, and then the convention.
I have to tote the books I am having signed with me.... the first book has a number of autographs in it, the guests coming though were not in the first movie, so I will bring all of them "just in case"... I will have Billy Boyd sign other 2 books since I already have his in the first book.. Pippen was in all the movies. The other 2 guests will sign the last two books .. hopefully these books, containing autographs, will be worth something someday.


Blogger SQT said...

Finding jeans that fit right is tough. I have small hips but a broad waist so I have the reverse problem that you have. I usually stick to low waisted jeans since those fit best, but often have to wear a belt so the don't ride too low.

Have you tried a good belt?

2:32 PM  
Blogger Mike said...

I don't really like shopping for clothes. I'm a jean and t-shirt guy. Even in the winter. The convention sounds like it will be fun. I hope you have a safe trip there.

6:01 PM  
Anonymous Karmyn said...

You certainly did get a good deal on those jeans!!! 4 pairs and a top for ~80. wow.

and I agree with sqt - have you tried a good belt??

6:32 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

sqt and Karmyn: I know about belts lol but when I use the what it does is the belt buckle pulls so far into my "soft fat stomach" that it hurts! lol.. remember: I am old and comfort is my name now lol

Mike: thanks for coming by, and I hope it's a safe trip too! lol

6:41 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

What successful shopping spree you had, Deslily! Good for you! Don't be nervous about your trip...all will go well for you. Keep the excitement, toss the nervousness! :)

9:32 PM  
Blogger Melli said...

WOW! Sounds like you did absolutely FABULOUS on your shopping trip! I love it when that happens! Especially when you're not expecting it! That is GREAT! I'm SURE the weather will be more cooperative by March 5th! (at least I hope so -- cuz I have to drive to New York again on March 2nd... and I'm NOT looking forward to that either!) I'm definitely sending up weather prayers about early March in the Northeast!

How long are you going to be in California for Pat?

10:19 PM  
Blogger SQT said...

I was pretty sure you'd heard of belts before. ;)

But they are a lifesaver for me. I wonder if you found one with a small buckle. My favorite belt is made up of a weave pattern that doesn't actually have holes. You stick the pin through the weave anywhere you want it, so you can make the belt as tight or loose as you want. I love that belt. It also has a very small buckle that stays put on my jeans and doesn't tend to ride up or bug me.


Just a thought.

12:30 PM  
Blogger Pamela said...

I"m with you on the waists having too big when the butt fits.

Hey... the snow will be gone by the time you fly... (knock on wood)

2:36 AM  
Blogger DellaB said...

Pat, we are the opposit, I have skinny legs, not as skinny as they used to be, but my circumference around the waist gives me a barrel shape, and to top that off I am tall, so I end up with these baggy short legs on any trousers/jeans I try to buy. Big shirts for me too...

hahaha - I work for a 'cable' tv company - I talk to a steady stream of people who also 'remember when...'

I know what you mean about not being here, not caring - I reckon by the time I go, I'll have had enough!

p.s. haven't done the book meme yet, haven't forgotten though..

3:36 AM  
Blogger DesLily said...

Lee: I'm trying.. but de-icing plane wings will scare the doo doo out of me!

Melli: how long a drive is that for you? I'll be in CA for a week..without a computer!! ARGH!

sqt: major problem now for me is, I doubt I will get out again before the trip for anything..sigh.

Pamela: got my fingers crossed that you are right!

Della: Yes, it's not easy finding pants other then "average" in length.. at least not in the more reasonably priced stores.

7:58 AM  

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