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Saturday, August 11, 2007

Best Buy TV Contest

I've been known to enter book contests.. but this is the first time I will enter for something other than a book! Take a look at this contest going on!

5 Minutes for Mom is having a contest to win a FLat Panel LCD HDTV. This prize and contest is sponsored by Best Buy. (can we say thank you Best Buy?!).

It can be entered by only US and Canadians ..sorry about everyone else :o(

I know I have very little chance of winning..but hey..worth a try! I could use a new TV really badly! (so if you don't enter for yourself, cross your fingers for me!)


Blogger Chris said...

Wow, what a giveaway! When I first saw the title, I thought you won a "Best Buy TV Contest"!! Maybe you will and it was a psychic premonition I was having ;)

1:07 PM  
Blogger Booklogged said...

Thanks for pointing the way, Deslily. I'm headed over to enter.

5:52 PM  
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