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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Pay it Forward

So... today as I was reading journals I found that Chris over at Stuff Dreams are Made on, has given me an award! "Thoughtful Blogger Award".
..and all I've ever done to deserve it is to torment him!

Actually, Chris is a really good kid. (yes, "kid".. he's almost 1/2 the age of my oldest son! agggh) He makes me laugh quite a bit, and his constant reading and reviews have led me to buying many more books then I should! In between all of that he and his family were part of Hurricane Katrina's Fury ('nuff said).. and now he's helping his girlfriend's mom, trying to get her home back together from Katrina.. good old politics is hanging all of that up as you can well imagine. Actually, we probably can't imagine.
Anyway.. Chris is one of the good guys! And I want to thank him for thinking of me when he found he could only give 5 of these awards out himself, after getting his.
Which means.. that's all I can hand out too.. which is the only hard part of getting such a nice award. So.. I guess I'd better pass it on!.. The 5 nominees are:
Helen of My Everyday Life: Helen is one of the first journals I ever read. She tells about life the way it is, and has become a constant in reading . We even email now and then so I can guarantee the 'thoughtful" part is definitely there!
Astaryth of Adventures of an Eclectic Mind : JJ is another of the first that I ever read. JJ takes great photo's of many animals.. some of which you may never have seen before!
Annie of Annie's Meanderings Annie is my good friend. We've been friends for a really long time now. I wish she would write more in her journal, but she does when the mood strikes her... you don't get anymore thoughtful than Annie.
Karen of Outpost Mâvarin Karen never sleeps! lol.. she has many fun "obsessions" not to mention the fact that she's written a book that she's just turned into a publishing company! *crossing my fingers for her!*
Kiyotoe fo The Dragon 050376 Then there's Kiyotoe!.. "The Dragon" himself! Kiyotoe has made many friends since he began blogging and he deserves each and every one! He writes a great blog full of things to get people talking about.. or to give you food for thought.
So.. those are my picks. There would be more for sure, but.. rules are rules. If you are so inclined you are to pass it on to 5 or your own "thoughtful bloggers".


Blogger Chris said...

Well gee! Thanks for the kind words :)

I really need to get a copy of A Knock at the Door. It looks incredible. The Durwaigh Gallery website is so cool..all kinds of good stuff.

I'm not too quick of a reader either..I'm right around 36 myself so far for the year. But I agree..Not to shabby ;)

5:38 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

Hi Deslily...sorry I've not popped in for the past couple of days. Yesterday my keyboard decided to freeze up on me and I couldn't type a thing! And then prior to that I was pretty busy with other matters out here in the real world! ;)

9:37 PM  
Blogger Stephanie said... are definitely a Thoughtful Blogger! When I was on vacation, I really missed reading posts from all my blogging friends!!

That's a great list of books so far this year!!

1:01 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

chris.. your go thru books way faster than I do! I doubt all that you've read is 36!

Lee: I haven't been doing lots of comments around.. haven't felt well for a few weeks now.. I do read though! sure look like you had a great vacation!!!..well, being a mother also, I guess I should say.. you had a good change of pace lol.. moms rarely get to "rest" on "vacation"!

4:19 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

I'm on number 39 right now! Not very far ahead of you...I swear :p

12:35 AM  

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