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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Beauty & the Beast, Roy Dotrice & George R R Martin

This is just a little update about the dvd's of Beauty and the Beast.. and if I seem obsessed, so be it. I tend to get this way sometimes *sigh.

I've watched the whole first season and today watched the 5th episode of Season two.. George R R Martin's name is all over this television series! I hope (and assume) he made out very well! If he didn't write the episode he was a consultant or a producer! Sheesh!

One thing I had forgotten.. or maybe not, but just pushed to the back of my memory cells, is that nearly every scene that is "below" where Vincent and Father live , is filled with piles and piles of books! LOL.. gotta love it! After a while it really does begin to look like home! HAHA! I can no longer watch this series without smiling at every pile of books I see in the episodes!

My mind goes nuts! "Oh Carl would love this!.. So would Chris, and Cath, and Steph and..and.. on and on !"

I was wondering if I should try to take a photo when watching the next episode when I remembered my small binder I have on Roy.. Sure enough! I found a picture I had taken off the television when the series was originally on the air!! And low and behold check out the background!

BOOKS! Piles and Piles of books!!

When I finished watching the episode and then began to write this I thought again.. oh what the heck.. go ahead.. torture yourself some more Pat!.. so I did some more searching in the web....

I found this blog/ site that has a samples of Roy Dotrice reading from George RR Martin's A Song of Ice and Fire. (actually from 3 of the books!)

They were actually much longer than I expected! So I enjoyed hearing Roy reading... and for you Fans of A Song of Ice and Fire, I would say click the link and have a listen!


Blogger Cath said...

You are so tempting me with getting these dvds for Christmas. *g* I may just do that. Look at all those books! He even has more than *me*! ;-) Family here at the moment so busy, busy (they go home tomorrow) but I heard from the library today, at last, and will pick 'you know what' up on Saturday. Free weekend coming up and I can't wait. Too busy right now.

6:51 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

Hi Cath: I hope you went and listened to Roy do some reading! I have no idea what the books are actually about but I get lost in Roys voice... I really wish he'd make some appearances here in the USA so I'd have a chance to get back in touch with him and be able to write to him again.

10:21 AM  

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