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Friday, May 23, 2008

Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Harrison Ford is making the rounds on television for the opening of the new Indy movie..

It always amazes me that more than a year after they actually make the movie, and have long since moved on and possibly even made other movies, that they are now expected to remember things about something they did so long ago, and act like it was “just the other day”.

I realize most actors have excellent memories.. I mean lets face it they are continually memorizing lines and actions for the movie. But after you’ve read more scripts that are offers for other movies that they must get, and possibly have made yet another movie, (memorizing all the things they need to for that movie) then they are expected to forget that newest one and remember the old one. The funny part is that sometimes an interviewer is actually surprised that they might not remember everything... hello? And what were YOU doing a year ago?? Heh.

On GMA this morning Harrison used the whip… He talked a little about being out of practice and how the “whip master” taught him to use it.. I think what I love most about Harrison, is that he never seems to be egotistical! Well, that and the fact that he’s still gorgeous, *grin.

Next he appeared on Regis and Kelly, where they talked about the fact that one day Harrison flew himself to where filming was by Helicopter. ( ahhh, ok Harrison I’ll go quietly! Fly me to the moon baby!! Woohooo!)

With just a little bit of luck… ok.. more than a little bit of luck.. I MIGHT be able to go see the movie today (Friday). If that doesn’t pan out it will be a week from Saturday before I can go…but you can bet that I don’t want to miss this movie!!

I Love the reluctant hero.. I love Indy.. and I love Harrison for doing them so well…and I believe my “actor crush” is deserved because I truly believe Harrison is one of the good guys.


Blogger Cath said...

No, he isn't egotistical. Ray Winstone was on TV tonight and was saying what a blast he had making the movie with Harrison and how much he liked and admired him. How he's just an ordinary cowboy from Montana, which I thought was really funny. I suppose he means he lives in Montana? I'm dying to see this movie.

7:16 PM  
Blogger DesLily said...

hi Cath: yes he owns a ranch and I'm pretty sure it's in Montana.. or at least he did, I don't know if it went to his x wife or not.

7:44 PM  
Blogger Kim L said...

Yay for Indiana Jones. Loved the new movie. Even the inevitable cheesy parts.

12:31 AM  

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