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Monday, April 29, 2013

Gifts Galore!

Like, Wow!  What a mail day!

My girlfriend, Michelle, had given me an Amazon gift card and I finally used it… (thank you again Michelle!)

I got some great stuff!!!


Three books: The Hiding Place, Chekov’s Enterprise, and The Apothecary.

And I got the collection of the 6 Original Star Trek Movies! (yes I have them already but only in VHS and I don’t have a VHS machine hooked up.)



One day there will be a Trek Marathon that’s for sure!!!!!

My favorite book of the three is Chekov’s Enterprise!



This is an old version of the book,  and the one I owned long ago (I still have it although it is very water-warped).  I loved this book and have wanted to replace it forever, but the old “you have one (warped though it is)” kept me from buying another copy.

When I opened the package it came in (it arrived all alone as it’s a used copy).. I grinned from ear to ear  because I already know how fantastic this book is and how much i laughed reading it and loved discovering Walter’s great sense of humor!  If you like the Originals this is a really “feel good” book because of enjoying Walter’s sense of humor over things. 

I realize it’s about the making of ST 1.. and many people don’t like the first movie.. but I have found good things about all the movies, not just the “even numbers” as many claim.  But the truth is this book is “behind the scenes” and things only Walter did or saw or heard, which mean it consists of only times that he was on the set. (and we all know the “crew” was not in every scene of any movie.

Anyway… Walter is really an enjoyable author to read so if you think “maybe”.. go ahead and read it, you won’t be sorry!

Well this perked me up!  Maybe now my reading will get better too!!


Blogger OldLady Of The Hills said...

What a true treasure trove of Goodies!!! Enjoy, Enjoy!

3:59 PM  
Blogger Cath said...

Wonderful haul, Pat. I must get to one of the Trek biographies at some stage. I especially want to read the George Takei one. Chekov's Enterprise sounds great.

I like the sound of the other two books as well. Just read about them on Amazon... will look out for The Hiding Place especially.

6:54 PM  

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