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Monday, November 07, 2005

Me and my computer.

Monday, November 7, 20053:10:00 PM EST
Hearing Feelin' pooped!

Neck ache! Oh, boy that's what you get when you stay in Paint Shop / Photo Impact for more then a few hours lol.. sheesh, it can get tiring. But, it's so much fun that it's easy to overdo.
Sometimes I enjoy it so much that I think that if PC's were around when I was in school I may actually have had a profession. I think I would have enjoyed it then too and maybe been able to get training for "special effects". I think it's so neat to create the illusions that aren't really there.

But I was 52 before I got my hands on my first computer.. jussssttt a tad too old for all the training needed and experience to get into that profession. However, it doesn't stop me from "dinking" in the lesser paint programs and even surprising myself at what can be done.
I know that most of the people I know are like me, in that they are self-taught on the computer. We learn by asking others how to do something, or where do we find this or that in a specific program. Not really such a bad way to learn. It always seems once you find where one thing is or how to do something, it always leads to learning more then what you had intended.
I don't learn well from reading (slow reader), I learn better by someone just telling me what to do or by watching someone else, or even just by clicking on something to see what it does. (the back arrow is a great invention! lol)

I'm grateful for my computer.. not just for the paint program but because of my "buddy list". Now that may sound strange, but it comforts me seeing the names on the list.. knowing that if i feel the need to reach out someone will be there. It's a sort of security blanket for not feeling alone. And the good part is you don't even have to talk if you don't want to! It's a little like, just wanting to be held to feel secure, but not having to talk or say why.

Pretty good all around machines these computers are. They multitask without us even trying.

I wished the buck stopped here, as I could use a few.


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