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Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Remembering Pookey

Tuesday, October 25, 20056:51:00 PM EDT
Feeling Quiet

This is Pookey.

She was my cat for about 16 yrs. I don't know why I thought of her so much today but I did. She's been gone for about 7 years now, and I still miss her.

She was a very unusual cat. As a matter of fact... she didn't know she WAS a cat! She never jumped up on tables or chairs, never scratched furniture (and she wasn't declawed). She went through life as if each day was totally new and she was seeing everything for the first time.

Someone had dropped 2 kittens off by my house in Florida. I guess they figured it was better then putting them to sleep, but they were awfully young and I had my doubts they would survive alone. Anyway.. this one stayed.

As she grew older she became diabetic. For 5 years that followed I had to give her insulin injections twice a day.. 6 am and 6 pm. But she didn't know she wasn't supposed to like it. She would waken me and lead me to the refrigerator and turn and sit with her back to me. She waited until i gave her the shot and she would then walk to her dish and wait for her food. In other words: she had me trained.

About a year before I had to put her to sleep I walked in from work one day and she was sitting in the middle of the room with her back to me. Generally she would walk at a fast pace over to me to greet me. This day she just sat there.

"Hi Pookey!"
(no response)

"Pook, Pook.. I'm home baby."

I closed the door loudly.. still no movement.
I got upset and clapped my hands loudly. She never moved. Finally, I walked close to her and she jumped around and greeted me. I knew what was wrong, but didn't want to hear it. She had gone deaf from the diabetes.

I cried alot knowing she couldn't hear me when i told her how good she was and how much i loved her. She lived another year or two and had a bad diabetic episode. At that time the vet said they "might" pull her through, but they couldn't say she'd have any sort of "good life" left. I sat crying with her for three hours in the vets before I could say the words to the vet and leave.

Animals become so much of our lives, with or without families. I miss Pookey even though i am living with my brother who has 9 cats. There are cats everywhere! And i cry when they have to put one of them down.. but not like when i lost Pookey. What a cat she was!! Maybe someday i will find one like her again, who knows?...

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