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Sunday, October 23, 2005

Countdown to next Saturday

12:06:00 PM EDT
Feeling Hopeful

Ok, so I'm trying to get my chit together and look forward to something for a change..

So, I'll admit this is the mood I woke up with.. but i'm trying like heck not to take it out on anyone. It wasn't easy before my cup of Cafe Vienna.. but eventually it got better.
The sun came out today.. that was a huge improvement! I don't think the weather people had said NJ would see the sun until after wednesday due to a cold front now and the ends of the hurricane later in the week. Score one for the sun!

I looked at my mini calendar i keep by my computer and noticed next weekend is not only Halloween, but on that Saturday the autograph show comes to the Meadowlands!
(hobbs) Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

My one day every six months I can leave the house alone and take some time for Moi! It's a Saturday so David will be home to watch over my brother (normally that doesn't stop my brother from yelling my name and asking me to get him this or that) but, when i go to the show i'm not in hearing range! Oh yeah! Oh yeah!

Don't get me wrong.. I don't resent helping my brother.. but 24/7 is like when i was married.. lots of work, and no days off. (men tend to forget that little tidbit about wives and mothers. They get paid for their jobs and get weekends off and paid vacations. Wives and mothers don't! ) I'm not saying that as a putdown to men, honest I'm not.. I'm just stating a fact.

So... next Saturday is my "day off"!! Oh yeah! Oh yeah! I get to see some of the people I grew up watching on tv or in movies. A day of nice memories.

Some names that will be there are: Larry Hagman and Barbara Eden (remember I dream of Jeannie?). Robert Culp will be there, (those of us in the elder generation remember him from I Spy.) Adam West and Burt Ward are also going to be there. Batman has been in reruns for so long most know those names. I've always enjoyed Warwick Davis and he'll be there.. he was "Willow", and is now in the Harry Potter movies. There are many many more, but the best I saved for last! Kevin Sorbo ! Oh yeah, Oh yeah!...

I may be old... but I ain't blind yet!! These old eyes can use a good dose of rest and relaxation and spend some time gazing at Kevin!

I got "hooked on Kevin" back in his Hercules days.. his sidekick Michael sure wasn't hard on the eyes either! lol. I was glad that Majel Barrett (for those not into Star Trek, she was married to Gene Roddenberry.. the "creator" himself) chose Kevin for her show Andromeda, and sad it has gone the way of all the Star Trek shows. I read fantasy fiction but i totally have always enjoyed watching sci-fi. Kevin did both, so it was natural I would have found and enjoyed both of his shows.

I really, really, REALLY hope that next Saturday isn't a "rain out" and that I get in to see the guests. I just read on the official web site of the people putting on the show that they have had an unusual large demand on "pre-tickets" and expect to run out of "at the door" tickets very early on. Rain could definately be a hazzard if I think my only way in is to be in line 3 hrs before they even open the doors. I don't think this old bod would care to wait in cold rain for 3 hours.. sigh. Youth always has advantages dang it!

Well, I will have to make my choices "due to weather" as the time comes closer. I really really REALLY need the day out!

If i get there I will post some photos. I've seen Kevin before and taken pictures of him before, but some new ones would be nice. (very nice)

Pahleeeze! be a nice day next Saturday!

All things considered, insanity may be the only reasonable alternative.


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