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Monday, October 24, 2005

Happy Halloween

Monday, October 24, 200512:47:00 PM EDT
Feeling Quiet
Your Monday Photo Shoot: Halloween is just a week away! Display your current decorations and preparations, or show off a favorite from years past. Pumpkins, holiday cards, decorations from Halloween parties and porch displays -- it's all good.

Hmmm, I was going to do something anyway, but it's nice not to have to think tooooo hard and "just follow instructions" lol.

Here are 2 pictures: One of my son at a much younger age then he is now.. and the other of my neighbors yard.

It's kinda cold and dreary here in NJ today.. but my thoughts are in florida where my son and his family live. Really tired of these dang hurricanes! NJ is to get hit with high winds and rain beginning tonight from a cold front, and continuing from the hurricane.. gosh, I can't hardly wait.. (heh, yeahrightsure!) I'm hoping it all gets overwith and it turns nice out by the weekend so that Halloween doesn't get "more or less" get cancelled. There's a huge bag of candy here waiting to get passed out to the little ghouls and gobblins!

Happy Halloween everyone...

I'm going to stop punishing my children by saying, "Never mind! I'll do it myself." Erma Bombeck


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