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Friday, December 02, 2005

Now that takes Guts..

Keeping with the fact that Christmas is right around the corner.. I thought I would share this photo with you...

(bare in mind these photos are OLD! FGH-Before Gray Hair)

You remember I mentioned a friend, A.C. Lyles earlier in my journal. He works for Paramount Studios. Every so often I would give him a call and say, "how about a pass onto the lot so i can come see you?" And each time he would laugh and say the pass would be waiting.

One year near Christmas a then friend and I dressed up as mrs santa and Rudolph and had the guts to go out into public looking like that! I called and we were to go visit AC and decided we'd give him a chuckle by going dressed like we were.

I still can't believe I was walking around Paramount looking like that! The worst was, we were being looked at by Klingons and aliens of all sorts! (geez, like do i look as bad as them?????!!!)
But it was a fun time walking around the lot.

After which, staying in "costume", we dared to go food shopping..heh, why not? Can't get any worse right? lol.. We bought some tiny candy canes and whenever someone was pushing a child around in the wagons we'd go over and ask if we could give the little boy or girl a candy cane.. the kid would have eyes the size of half dollars lol.. amazing how little it takes to make a child smile.

If I remember right we even went and did the "star polishing" in hollywood dressed like that... talk about guts!


Blogger V said...

Stephen Donaldson?
The leper series?
Woo Hoo! I haven`t met anyone who`s read them.

7:17 PM  
Blogger V said...

Thomas Covenant?

7:18 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

Ha ha know you are a "freak" if Klingons are staring at you...that was funny:)

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