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Sunday, January 01, 2006

Happy 2006!

Wow.. well, here we are in a brand new year! 2006..whew, hard to believe!

I had an enjoyable day and evening reading in my new book "A Gift of Dragons".
I don't normally enjoy short stories.. because.. well.. they're too short! If i like the characters and story I want it to go on and on and on.. and on, heh. Which is one reason i enjoy Fantasy books so much, they are almost always a minimum of a trilogy. Not being a speed reader this affords me much time to read before I get upset that "it's over".

But I have to say Anne McCaffrey never looses her touch when it comes to her stories about Pern and the people there and of course, the dragons *sigh*. The first short story in this book was, how can i say this? Really, really, really short lol.. and of course she pulled me right back into "Pern" and the dragons and it made me cry!

Geez, it was a happy ending short story and STILL I cried! This being "old chit" is getting old even for me! lol.. So far I've read three of the four short stories. Like i said, not a speed reader here.. the book is only 291 pages. I'm putting it down just to make it last a day longer!

Which brought to mind of the first time I ever read the Hobbit.. my kids even made fun of me. It was a book I didn't want to put down AT ALL.. it kept me wanting to read.. but i'd make sure I'd close the book after every single chapter and go do housework or ANYTHING to keep me from reading. I wanted the book to last as long as possible, and that's the only way I knew how to "extend" my joy.

But at least now I know one more thing.. i saved the books i enjoyed the most and every few years I go back and reread them! Though I remember most of it there is always parts I forgot and I get the thrill of enjoying them over again.

When and IF I ever find the Shannara books (being fussy.. I want the exact books! Which means they were oversized ) I will re read them before going on to read more that Terry Brooks wrote using "ancestors" of the same characters. I guess it's safe to say that I am characer driven when itcomes to the books I enjoy.

In the David Eddings books of Belgarath, I'd tell my friends I was engaged to Belgarath lol.. i did adore that old sorcerer! haha.. and in Anne McCaffrey's books i was totally in love with Master Harper Robinton. I was really lucky and met Anne once at a convention and couldn't resist asking her if he was fashioned after anyone she knew. She said, "yes".. her neighbor! Hmmm, made me want to take a trip to Ireland to meet this neighbor! hahahaha..

Whelp.. day one of the new year is ok so far! I hope this turns into a really good year for everyone!!


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