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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Monday Photo Shoot..on tuesday

Your Monday Photo Shoot: Seeing Stars

Your Monday Photos Shoot: Take a picture (or find a picture) of something with stars -- the "twinkle, twinkle" kind, not the "famous people" kind. However, they don't have to be real stars: Fake stars -- like the ones on Christmas trees, on neon signs or on the Hollywood Walk of Fame are just fine, too.

Gee.. anyone want to guess what sort of star I will post? I'm sure if you read my journal at all you will have guessed "the walk of fame star". Of course there are many of them but (of course) I will just post one.. DeForest Kelley's.

Ok, that's my photo for John's photo shoot..........

But, since I was planning one day to post photo's of DeForest's Star Ceremony, I thought I may as well do it now, since the photo shoot is about stars.. you will see parts of the walk of fame and DeForest holding his "star", and Carolyn (his wife) Kissing "the star" !

On December 19, 1991 DeForest Kelley received his much deserved Star on the Walk of Fame. At 7021 Hollywood Blvd, Hollywood, in front of the Hollywood Galaxy. (now tell me "where" it was wasn't thought out!)

Johnny Grant presented DeForest, as he rode an escalator down from The Galaxy. Among the many to speak to and about De were his fellow Star Trek actors. Leonard, George, Nichelle, Walter and Grace Lee, were there to tell the world that no one deserved a Star more then De did.

And they were right! No one did deserve it more!

In the audience watching De get his Star were many fans, and many friends. Sue (De's Fan Club Prez) and Annie (all the way from Texas) were there ...

And you can bet I was!! Me and my trusty camera snapping away!..

It was sorta funny.. De had never seen me "dressed up" and walked right past me before he realized it was me and backtracked and pointed at me saying "There you are!".. well duh.. He was kind and said it was the clothes, I knew better... he just didn't see me cause the camera was in my face the whole time!

After the ceremony was over we were off to Paramount for a luncheon party given for De. At least there he noticed me and tried to make amends by planting a kiss on my hand like the knight in shinning armor he was.

I hold the Kelley's deep in my heart.. and I will never forget the day De became a Star on the Walk of Fame.


Blogger Carly said...


I love this entry! If I get to go to L.A. later this year, fingers crossed, I will have to go by DeForest Kelly's star and leave a flower for you. :)

Always, Carly :)

4:13 PM  
Blogger Astaryth said...

I was thinking about doing this assignment cause I have a pic of G with a star on the Walk of Fame. He is a HUGE Houdini fan and we happened to find his star as we were looking around and oohing and ahing, so G. HAD to have a picture. I think that was before I had my first digital, so I would need to find the picture, then scan it in... Hmmmm... let's see how busy the rest of my week is LOL! Maybe I can find an easier star....

7:07 PM  
Anonymous You Know Who This Is LOL said...


Can I just express how
A.pretty you look in the picture of De kissing your hand and
B.jealous I am that that happened!!!

YOU LUCKY, LUCKY PERSON. I wish I could live your life </3


10:19 PM  

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