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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Good Friends... good times

I happened across this photo and decided to post it. Going left to right, the picture is of Sue (the gal you read about in other posts that we did pranks on at conventions), and Annie from Texas, and myself.

It's obvious to me, and Annie and Sue, that we were all much younger when the photo was taken. For one thing I had alot less gray hair! We were also a lot thinner and had less wrinkles.. heh.. 'nuff said about that part.

I don't remember which convention this was taken at.. though if anyone remembers, it will be Annie. She doesn't forget much!

What I do remember though, is all the fun we had at the conventions. Since whoever the guest was (usually De) was only was on stage for an hour each day, that left plenty of time to spend money we shouldn't ..and to get into some sort of trouble.

I hope Annie posts some of her remembrances of some of the conventions sometime.
One time, at a convention in Denver, (they had the greatest conventions there!) Annie, who at that time mostly got around in her battery driven scooter, but still could walk some with the aid of leg braces and crutches, had taken off with some other friends to do some sight seeing, while I stayed behind with others.

When she was on her way back to the convention hotel, she called me and asked if I would bring her scooter down to the lobby for her. Well, duh.. of course I will!

I began to push the scooter into the elevator, when it finally struck me that it would probably be simpler if I just sat on it and drove it... heh.. not the brightest light bulb in the package all the time ya know!

So, when the elevator doors opened at the lobby, I drove the scooter out .. went thru the lobby.. where a young man behind a desk smiled atme and I smiled back.. and then I drove it outside to find Annie.

I found her pretty quick and got off of the scooter and told her I would run ahead for some reason that i can't think of right now.. anyway, she was safe with other friends and now seated in her scooter.

I went back into the hotel with another gal and as I passed the young man behind the counter I thought his eyes were going to bug out of his head !...and his chin dropped to the floor! (if you've even seen anyone in total SHOCK, it would be this guy!)

Realizing that he had seen me DRIVE out in a scooter ....and then WALK back in on my own two feet...the gal with me quickly informed him, "It's a Miracle!" and we both walked off ready to cry laughing. That poor man didn't know that I was only riding it for someone else, heh.. gotta love it when you pull off a joke that you didn't even know was going to happen hahaha.

I realize it's a "ya hadda be there" moment, but just so you get an idea of what I saw.. it was a little like this: ..well actually.. it was A LOT like that! heh..


Blogger Charles said...

I get it, and I think it was funny.

Funny thing is though, I would have been the dumbfounded clerk behind the counter. "It's a Miracle"

10:37 AM  

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