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Monday, March 20, 2006

Meer-ly Making an animation..

One of the two things I did today was to play in PSP.. been a while since I've done anything but size a pic and "buttonize" it for the journal. Most of that is because I can't clone in PSP 5 on XP... sigh.. so.. I transported the pictures to my old machine that has Win 98se on it where I can clone!

Once I had them there I used three pictures.. (sized them down to show them in the journal)

This is the first picture.. I took this and colored it (when I found it, it was only a drawing).. then I proceeded to animate the arm with the finger pointing. I did this by making two more frames with the same picture and moving the arm a little in each frame and saved them all. So, now I had 3 pictures of the cartoon..

Then I took this picture of BooBoo Kitty and sized it down to what I needed. Then I cut him out and put him on with the cartoon. I put it on each of the cartoon pictures in exactly the same spot. ( I had to go back to one frame and move it one more pixel so it wouldn't move around when running the animation.)

Then I took part of this picture and cloned in a background...

When I was finished with the three frames I took them into animation shop and set the timing on it ... this is the result..

BooBoo doesn't seem to mind... but ... you never know!


Blogger Astaryth said...

One of my goals once I am settled in our new 'home' is to play with PSP more.. especially the animation part. G is getting me PSP X (I currently have 7 and about the only thing I've done with it is play with tubes {g}), and also he is getting me Photoshop Elements 4 (I currently have 1 and love it for working with my photos... It's the 'consumer' version of the much more expensive Photoshop--which I can't afford {LOL}) I don't plan to be bored even if I don't have a job!!

8:00 PM  

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