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Monday, March 20, 2006

Meer-ly Making an animation..

One of the two things I did today was to play in PSP.. been a while since I've done anything but size a pic and "buttonize" it for the journal. Most of that is because I can't clone in PSP 5 on XP... sigh.. so.. I transported the pictures to my old machine that has Win 98se on it where I can clone!

Once I had them there I used three pictures.. (sized them down to show them in the journal)

This is the first picture.. I took this and colored it (when I found it, it was only a drawing).. then I proceeded to animate the arm with the finger pointing. I did this by making two more frames with the same picture and moving the arm a little in each frame and saved them all. So, now I had 3 pictures of the cartoon..

Then I took this picture of BooBoo Kitty and sized it down to what I needed. Then I cut him out and put him on with the cartoon. I put it on each of the cartoon pictures in exactly the same spot. ( I had to go back to one frame and move it one more pixel so it wouldn't move around when running the animation.)

Then I took part of this picture and cloned in a background...


Blogger Astaryth said...

One of my goals once I am settled in our new 'home' is to play with PSP more.. especially the animation part. G is getting me PSP X (I currently have 7 and about the only thing I've done with it is play with tubes {g}), and also he is getting me Photoshop Elements 4 (I currently have 1 and love it for working with my photos... It's the 'consumer' version of the much more expensive Photoshop--which I can't afford {LOL}) I don't plan to be bored even if I don't have a job!!

8:00 PM  

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