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Friday, March 03, 2006


Jiminy Crickets.. it snowed ... again!

The forecasters can't make up their mind if we will get 1-3 inches or 3-6 inches. I'm thinking maybe they should forget predicting the "amount" and just stick to the fact that it's going to snow or rain or whatever..sheesh

I have to admit, that although i could very easily live without snow... the few times that it snows big flakes, and there's no wind, so that it comes straight down.. it really is beautiful. It did that for a short time earlier, now its small flakes again. The roads are beginning to get covered so I guess we'll get more then flurries. (darn) However, there is a chance it will turn to rain too... that would be shoveling involved lol.

To change the subject...

Take a look at this!!!!!

That cutie pie, Apolo Ohno went and got himself on the Wheaties Box!! Dang, now I have to buy some Wheaties! I hope that box is in stores around my area!

The breakfast of Champions.. well.. yeahrightsure, that may work for 23 yr olds like Apolo, but why do I think it ain't about to do anything for this old bod? heh. As far as I know, there has yet to be any miracle food for restoring old bodies. But, if one comes out ... I'll be first in line!

Well, I started this early and got distracted, so now it's evening.. and the "inches" of snow was a washout! Oh yes, we are happy about that!! We got some rain in with the snow so all that is on the street is some slush.. but that will be dangerous tonight as it freezes.. so I hope anyone in the area of this weather drives safe!!

I guess I should have mentioned more that Darren McGavin did when i posted his passing.. many people BEING MUCH YOUNGER THAN I.. of course didn't know about Riverboat. Truthfully, I don't know why that show jumped into my mind! I mean.. it wasn't like it was just last year! lol.. anyway, Karen did remind me that he was the father in "A Christmas Story". Now that movie I know many of you know!

Weeelllll.... poop. *sigh am4039 let me know in comments that Jack Wild died on March 1st. His major claim to fame was as a child actor.. he played the artful dodger in Oliver. He was 53 and died of cancer. Dang it... now there will be two more I hear of! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr. At least maybe I won't hear of them until the Oscars in the Memory part. Gads, I hope this is it. (but I said that already didn't I?!)

This post sure relates to the title of my journal, "Here, There, and Everywhere".. what a hodgepodge! And to top that I didn't even post it yesterday when I wrote it. It must be a moon thing, sigh.


Anonymous Bill, the Wildcat said...

They waste no time on those Olympics Wheaties boxes, do they? Sheesh! Just remember... it's a part of this nutritious breakfast (riiiiiiiiiight). Pretty neat, nonetheless.

10:42 AM  
Blogger Judith HeartSong said...

I am about ready for the snows to be done, but we have had a very mild winter here.
I like your posts. :)

6:31 PM  
Blogger Virenda said...

People do seem to be passing away and at a rather alarming rate.

I'm NOT a fan of the snow but it always looks pretty. I don't know how ya do it.

Ugh! Wheaties are gross unless they have plenty of Splenda/sugar on top of em. ~wink~

Wheaties isn't going to help me either.

I hope you have a nice weekend and PLEASE take it easy and do something enjoyable. Something just for YOU. Take care and see ya on your next post.

2:52 AM  
Blogger emmapeelDallas said...

Wheaties, the breakfast of champions! That brings back memories...and I remember the beautiful snows that we had in Minnesota, when I was a kid, but I have to say...I don't miss living in a snowy climate. Take care on those roads!


12:40 AM  

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