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Thursday, February 23, 2006

Nearing the end..

I am not a night person.

This means, I go to bed early and get up early. I have done this ever since i can remember. Even as a kid 9 pm meant bedtime. So as an adult by 9 pm I am thinking of bed and sleeping, though over the years I did extend 9 pm for 10 or 10:30 pm.. but i still wake fairly early and without an alarm clock. (I wake between 6-7 am).

This said... I am finding it harder each day to keep awake for the Olympics! And OF COURSE, they save the best for LAST. My old body is not happy with this! The Olympics only come every 2 years, I don't want to miss them.. however, Channel 4 who has the rights to show them, are the ones to make the decision when certain things will be shown. To say the least I have a gripe with NBC!

Come on guys, lets get real! This is not a "live" show! You can show what you want in any order you want! People need their sleep! Many have to rise early for work!! Many just can't manage to stay awake that late! (guess who that is, heh) Groan..

Tonight will be the ladies run for gold in figure skating.. anyone want to take a guess what time they will show them?? If it's not after 10 pm I will be shocked! But my aches and pains will NOT be surprised.

Though I watch the skaters, I also have been reading the blog put out by Michael Weiss (one of our U.S. top skaters) I was surprised that he was doing a blog, but glad he is. It's nice to see a communication between one of the skaters I've admired and those of us that follow the Olympics.

I guess no matter how tired and awful I feel from the lack of sleep, I will still be sorry to see the Olympics finish up. All of the countries may not get along very well, but you can see that "the everyday person" like you or I, is not necessarily what their "leaders" are. It's just nice to see everyone there for a sport and not to hate each other. Maybe that's why I enjoy it so much.. I dunno.

Oh well.. Only a few more days and it will all be gone. Then we get to wait two years for the Summer Olympics. At least those are in the summer during "reruns"!!


Blogger Virenda said...

One suggestion, TiVo or Moxi or DVR ask your cable company, they should offer it.

That way you can record it and watch it in the mornings instead.


Oh and I used to stay up SUPER SUPER late but now...not so much.

I have to watch my kids and of course get them ready for school and I watch my neice, so I need my beauty rest.


1:52 AM  

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