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Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Commenting on Comments..

Another day without snow... ask me if I'm unhappy about that... ummm, NO!
I think I need to do a little commenting on comments, concerning some posts I've made.
Dorn ( was kind enough to mention that "i cleaned up nicely" in the below post. Well, duh.. Dorn.. really?!.. That was FIFTEEN years ago! I was but a child of 47!! haha.. I will admit DeForest didn't know how right on he was about not recognizing me though. I rarely if ever put on a skirt or dress, I like pants better.. more freedom and less concerns if the wind is blowing or not..heh. Marilyn Monroe may have looked great with her dress blowing above her head.. that does not mean I do!

On my blogspot journal (duplicate of the aol journal) Carly ( told me that if she gets to California she will go see DeForest's star and leave a flower for me... wow! How cool is that!! I only hope the star is in good condition yet.. for a long time after De got his star myself and another gal became "star polishers" and every Sunday we went to Hollywood and cleaned and buffed his star so it was the brightest star on the street!! It may sound corny to do that but, I think the only person prouder then I was for De was Carolyn, his wife!

Also on blogspot Astaryth ( mentions that when she saw John's "star" theme she figured she'd see this one of DeForest's.. hmmmm, I can't imagine how she got that idea.

Meanwhile robinngabster ( asked how i got to be friends with him (De)? Well, basically I mentioned some of it (I think) in older posts that I met DeForest and Carolyn on a Star Trek Cruise, that went from Miami to Nassau to an out island and back again. A friend of mine, was De's "body guard" and introduced me to them with a visit to their state room, where i was asked to do the Lilly Tomlin impersonation. From there I also had quality time with them on the out-island spending nearly the entire day with them. That led to letters, which led to phone calls which led to dinners at other conventions etc, etc.. I guess I knew I was a "friend" rather then a fan when they flew me to a convention of De's that i couldn't afford to go to. He was being given an honor and they didn't want me to miss it. We just grew closer as time went by.

I thought since I was mentioning all of this i would post a few photo's of De and Carolyn. The first is one I took on that very first meeting on the cruise. The second was taken by a photographer I know, who was and still is the official photographer for Tippi Hedren and her Shambala Preserve, Bill Dow. And the third photo is just one that I took.. but I think it is one of my all time favorites of De, with the scruffies. He was in the midst of filming Star Trek 6 when we had a picnic and I took the photo.

I may have started out as "just a fan" but it grew to oh so much more. Besides all the laughter and fun we had they showed me something I had grown to think was impossible. I was recently divorced and was probably on the edges of thinking thatthere was no such thing as a lifetime commitment, and that true love for someone was, in reality just a Cinderella Fairytale and nothing more. I can tell you with much certainty that there IS true love, and that it CAN last a lifetime. I know it to be true because I saw it first hand when I got to be friends with the Kelley's.

De used to say often that "he made the living and she made the living worth while".. it wasn't just any quote to him.. it was real. He lived for nothing more then to make Carolyn happy and to love her, and she lived for nothing more then to make him happy and to love him back. These people still held hands! You could see the love every time they looked at each other. I was incredibly lucky to have witnessed this, for otherwise I would still never believe it.

So.. before I ramble on until this post is longer then even I would want to read.. I just want to thank those that read my journal for putting up with any and all of the "De and me" stuff lol... I guess I need to relive it, because I miss them so. And because it was the only time in my life I didn't feel totally unworthy.. they did that to me, so I never want to forget the time I had with them.

I hope everyone has some memories that make them feel good inside when they come to mind. Don't ever forget them.. don't ever let that feeling go away.


Blogger Astaryth said...

I will be 46 this year, and G will be 45. We still hold hands, kiss all the time and say 'I love you' every day... sometimes several times a day. We get teased about acting like kids, but I think it keeps us young! It's nice to hear that the Kelley's had that, and that you got to enjoy them.

7:48 PM  
Blogger Paula said...

You are so worthy, my dear. You live your life with grace and style. You are an inspiration.

I'm glad you had this wonderful experience with these wonderful people (I will never, ever see "De" on tv or video or whathaveyou without thinking of you and the stories you tell of him), but I so, so want you to know, and to believe, that you are worthy, you are worthy, you are worthy.

You are, I repeat, an inspiration.

11:00 PM  

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