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Monday, April 17, 2006

I Found it!..

Just because a few of you seemed concerned about that movie that I couldn't remember the title of...

.. after Karen suggested googling "gay theme movies", and finding many lists of them.. and spending more hours then i care to.. I DID find the name of the movie and I'm going to get it again on for a whole 1.50 lol.. It's called Carrington.. and is a well made movie and a nice story to it.. it starred Emma Thompson and Jonathan Pryce.

When generally speaking, if there are times that you can't remember a name to title, and if you wait long enough it will generally pop into your head when you least expect it.... this was NOT happening on it's own so........ you can't imagine the relief of finding the name.

The first thing I do when I can't remember a name is go through the alphabet.. sometimes finding the first letter of the name will make it unexpectedly spew out of your mouth. Had this happened I wouldn't have spent hours looking at lists of movie titles..sigh.

I do want to say that any Emma Thompson fan who hasn't seen this movie should. She is a fantastic actress, and is at her best in parts i call "period pieces". Though I don't say this is exactly a period piece it does come across similiar.

Ok, that finally taken care of and out of the way... I hope everyone had a fantastic Easter weekend !

In my comments section of my journal from Easter Day Karen threw in a little "funny" but I'm sure it went unnoticed to anymone but me..heh.. she says: "As long as he didn't think you were a Lepus! Happy Easter!" For those of you who do not "get it"... it's a referral to the movie "Night of the Lepus" in which DeForest Kelley had a part. The movie was about experiments on rabbits that produced giant man-eating rabbits.. yes, (head hanging) DeForest had one of "those" movies! Bill Shatner had giant spiders.. and De had giant bunny rabbits..heh.. I guess I could have made some sort of post about the Lepus on easter but... well.. I thought the 5'4" one was big enough don't you?

Ah well. .. spring has sprung and Easter's done..
.. and now it's time for summer fun!

Sure hard to believe another winter is behind us.. and soon we will be cooking outside (and i don't mean the grill!). Since I don't get a vacation there's not much to look forward to that is different from "everyday".

Aside from the one autograph show that changed from spring to summer and will be coming June 2-4.. And I just saw that my buddy Kevin McCarthy is signed to be coming to it! Woohoo!.. I sent off an email to see if he wants me to help him again.. if i don't hear from him I'll give him a phone call when it gets closer. The only reason I wouldn't hear from him is because it seems his email may have some problems.. ah well.. we'll see...

Have a good Monday everyone!..

Is it my imagination, or do buffalo wings taste like chicken?


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