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Saturday, April 22, 2006

I used to be indecisive.. now I'm not sure.

I think at one time or another we have all had a breakdown in communication when the form we are using is "typing". Re: someone misunderstanding what you were trying to say. I think yesterday I had one of those times...

I don't know if i should laugh or what.. I mentioned in a previous post about the convention that I am thinking of attending.. and that I sent an email to the convention folks .. this was my email:

I am thinking of purchasting a ticket for the Elf Convention in Secaucause NJ (239.00)

My problem is, I can only attend one day, so I would like to find out the day that the guests will be autographing? (to be sure that's the day I attend)
Thank you

I thought it was pretty straight forward... what would you think i am asking?? I thought i was asking what day the guests would be autographing...?

Here is the response..

Hello Pat,

We will offer single day tickets closer to the convention date. Please visit our website at

I know I mentioned I can only go one day.. but I did tell them I was going to purchase the "expensive ticket".. since it's the only one you can buy and still get autographs!.. One day tickets do not offer a chance to get the autographs!!..

Ok.. I took a deep breath after mumbling something to myself about the fact that I did NOT ask about a one day ticket..sigh. I sent a second email.. this is what it said:

Hello Leticia..

I'm sorry, I guess I didn't make it clear.. I need to know which day will the guests be doing the autographs.

I realize that you have one day tickets but those do not allow you to get autographs. I can only make it to the con on ONE day, although I will purchase a 3 day ticket. I want to be sure I go on the day I can obtain the autographs.

I'm sorry if i confused you.

And my response is:

Hello Pat,

All of the ticket information is listed on the web site at Since we do many conventions and you're not being specific, please visit our web site.

Am I not speaking English? Did I ask for ticket information? Or did I ask when the guests were going to autograph? Was I not specific? hmm, could have sworn my first Email included the fact it was the Elf convention in Secaucas NJ.. how much more specific can I get?

I sent off one "last" email to which I have no response as yet.. if that doesn't work I guess a phone call to California is my next attempt to find out the information. I did go to the web site a few times and really looked hard to see if i missed them saying which day autographs take place..but to no avail.

Years ago when Creations prices when so high I swore I would never go to another of their conventions. (however I did go a few times.. but.. big but here only because DeForest insisted because he was the guest and also produced me a ticket.. therefore I never dealt with Creation) My main reason for not dealing with them anymore was strictly their outrageous prices.. now I'm beginning to wonder how they've managed to stay in business!

On their site they had a number of email addresses you could write to for "more information" pertaining to a number of different things.. which is where i found the address to write to.. I "assumed" the folks on the other end would be informative and helpful.. heh.

Ah well.. on the other hand.. it's raining and miserably cold here in New Jersey today..brrrr. The temperatures resemble a rollarcoaster, going up and down drastically.

Is it me or does the weather, in general, seem like it's out of control? I am 62 yrs old.. I do not remember hearing about so many tornadoes or hurricanes or just plain bad weather as we have had the past 2 -3 years. It just seems like one catastrophe after another.. or is it just me?


Anonymous julie said...

The first one kills me, but I can understand the confusion in the second ...unless you copied back your original message.

I was just looking at that site - those ticket prices are astounding.

5:07 PM  
Blogger Chris said...

maybe you should just call them? ha ha


11:42 PM  

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