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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

News and more news..

Well, if you live in or near New York I imagine you are as sick as I am about hearing of the Tram that got stuck with people in it.. gads! Gimme a break! The news makes it sound like a life and death situation! Ummm hello? The electric cut off and the generator didn't work.. they were stuck.. not hurt.. not hanging on a rope waiting for it to snap! These news people really get to me sometimes!

Yes, it is news.. but it wasn't earth shattering! yet no one could stop talking about it! Sometimes i really wonder...

The other big news yesterday was the 100 anniversary of the San Francisco earthquake (7.4 in size) I listened to that with some interest since, I myself, lived through a 6.7 quake. It was interesting... but scary as heck! I don't know if anyone else listened to it but 100 years ago 3,000 people died in that quake. The estimate that if the same size quake hit in San Francisco now.. 27,000 people would die.. gulp.. say what? That's due to two facts: One, the obvious one, is because of how many people live there now compared to 100 years ago.

And the other you ask? Well.. 100 years ago they still didn't know how to make buildings safer during a quake.. and they rebuilt that town bigger and bigger.. and they estimate that all that rebuilding will come down in another big quake! Nice huh? It's only been the past 20 yrs or so that they know some ways to help prevent that from happening.. so all the rebuilding they did back then is no safer then the original building were that came down.

They say it's common knowledge out there.. ahhhhhhhh soooooo thennnnnn why would you want to live there?? It's not like they are saying "if" it happens again.. this IS California after all.. it's WHEN will it happen? duh.. even my one brain cell can wrap around that much information!!

And with all this knowledge of how it will all fall down again... do they ..ohhhh say, tear down one building at a time and rebuild it with the new knowledge of how to make it safe?? Of course not! That would make too much sense!

I've got to stop listening to the news.. it either depresses me or gets me frustrated!!! I felt as if I wanted to smack someone on the cheek and tell them to wake up and smell the roses! ..sigh..

Oh..I almost forgot (since the "big news" Tram that got stuck) It seems that Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes got pushed out of the headlines for having their baby ..heh.. I better not get into that one either!

I hope tomorrow is a better day all the way around.. or that I remember to turn OFF the news.. either way works huh?! heh!


Blogger Virenda said...

I live here in SO Cal and it's a matter of WHEN not if and I can only hope people are safe. I tivo'd a show about the quake and I can't wait to find time to watch it. I hate listening to the news because it depresses me and it's often frustrating.

Hope your day went well and things are good for you over on your side of the US.

9:41 PM  

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