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Thursday, August 24, 2006


Thought I'd just write a little update and more or less explain why many of my recent posts have been more about subjects others suggest than my own. (re: round robin/ Monday photo shoot etc)

My mind still is not able to focus or concentrate. My brother is still in rehab (which is good) but nothing seems to get resolved and i find myself unable to concentrate at all. When someone talks to me it's as if nothing is sinking in at all.. you know the "it went right over her head" effect.

We need a hospital bed here before my brother gets home.. but the insurance and whoever it comes from say "he has to be released first". Ummm, well if he's released first where do we put him while we wait for the bed? On the floor?

My brothers legs swell easily from all his ailments.. so what does this rehab place do? They put him in a wheelchair and won't let him back in bed until after dinner... ummm excuse me?... while i agree being in bed all day isn't good neither is having the legs hang all day... how about mid afternoon you put him to bed so his legs don't continue to swell? So what happens? On the weekend when there is no therapy... they leave him in bed all day! sigh.

no matter where i turn nothing gets resolved... i feel incapable of a thought of my own.. and it's scaring me that I seem not to be able to think at all or to "hear" anything being said... I have no idea what the symptoms are at the very beginning of Alzheimer’s or Senility... right now i just hope like hell this isn't it!


Blogger Kiyotoe said...

Seems unfair that such a nice woman (from Jersey) would have to deal with so much right now. But if you remember my entry about prayer, and the long list of people I pray for, well, it just got longer.

7:52 PM  

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