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Saturday, July 14, 2007

Searching Authors

This morning I was thinking about some of the "new" authors I have found recently. I've been enjoying them more then I can say, so I thought I would look up and see if I could find some things on them to share with anyone who thinks they might enjoy a young adults author... and maybe even spur someone to try something new.
First off, I was back at James A Owens web site. I go there to see what he's up to, and found he's busy doing the artwork for this next book. While clicking on his links I came across one that sells the comic book STARCHILD. I know some people who have heard of the comic, and might be interested to know where you can purchase them.
The books are indeed in print, and may be purchased here.

I enjoy the fact that Mr Owen posts and keeps you informed about his books! Of course being able to see the artwork for book 2 ahead of time is tantalizing to say the least.
After I left Mr Owens site I decided to look for Mel Odom who's Trilogy I just finished reading. If you click on his name you will find that Mr Odom has a blog! How cool! I love authors who make the time to let their fans know what's new and what they've been doing!!
One of Mr Odoms posts had puzzles on it.. which I clicked on.. and found the next few minutes I was actually doing a puzzle! (can't remember the last time I made a puzzle!) It was fun! Try it!... just click on the picture below ofIn Quest for a Trilogy and test your ability to do a small puzzle! (this was fun lol... so much fun I think I will make one of my own and post it!)

So... if you have read any books by Mel Odom, you might want to check out his blog!
The next author I searched was Obert Skye. He has written the Leven Thumps series, which I adored! I couldn't fine an Obert Skye web site but I did find one for Leven Thumps!
I must say the web builders of Leven Thumps and one for Brandon Mull's, Fablehaven are outstanding and fun to visit! If you have kids,.. or even if you don't.. you might enjoy these interactive web sites.
Lastly, I revisited Cornelia Funke's site. I keep returning there in search of news on book number 3 of Inkheart. It's completed and now being translated into English... but it will be a while before it's released. *sigh*
So... these are some of the authors I have discovered fairly recently and totally enjoyed each of their works. Most are written for Young Adults but, as ancient as I am... I sure enjoyed them all!
....'til next time...


Blogger SQT said...

I just picked up a Mel Odom book today at the library.

5:21 PM  
Blogger Lee said...

You really lose me with all the fantasy authors and books, Deslily...but that's okay. You certainly have a great love of them, and I can understand that you do, even if I don't read them myself. :)
I do admire the art work on the covers that you show. It is exquisite.

1:28 AM  
Blogger Carl V. said...

Isn't it great that so many of the authors we enjoy have websites now? I love that level of interaction with authors, artists, etc. It adds so much to the enjoyment of their work.

9:18 AM  

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