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Friday, October 05, 2007

The Palace of Laughter

The Palace of Laughter by Joh Berkeley
Hardcover: 448 pages
Publisher: Julie Andrews Collection
ISBN-10: 0060755075

This book was a delightful surprise!
The author, Jon Berkeley was a freelance illustrator for 20 years before deciding to try his hand at writing. His first book is titled Chopsticks, a much illustrated 32 page book for the very young. The Palace of Laughter is his first attempt at a YA book for those ages 9-12.
I'm not sure what made me send for this book, other than.. ummm.. the cover art work was so nice..heh.
Ok, I will admit the review wasn't bad either... the story being about a runaway orphaned boy (Miles Wednesday... the last name coming to all orphans being the day they were dropped off at the orphanage,) along with his teddy bear named Tangerine, a mysterious tiger, and a winged waif named Little, who Miles rescues from a circus.
Once he has saved his new found friend Little, dangerous and horrid things begin to happen as they go in search of Little's friend Silverpoint, who seems to have been captured by the Great Cortado's Circus, and Tangerine who is taken by Cortado's "henchman" Genghis.
This book has a great little story and held my attention more than I thought it would. When I first opened the book and saw larger print I thought, utoh this is going to be a Ya book that is younger than I will want to read... but I was mistaken!
And to add to the beauty of the book Mr Berkeley puts a nice little illustration at the top of each chapter. It is also part of The Julie Andrews Collection of books.
Although this book could be a stand alone book.. it is not! Jon Berkeley has already put out a second book in this series called: The Tigers Egg: The Wednesday Tales No. 2 (which I have already ordered!)
This will surely be another book I will buy for my grandson! And truthfully, I enjoyed it .. a welcome break with a better than normal story to boot! I rate this book up there with other YA series I've been reading such as Inkheart, Fablehaven and Leven Thumps, and I'm looking forward to the second book to arrive!


Blogger Carl V. said...

Wow, the covers for both of those look amazing. I absolutely love the tiger on the second cover. So glad the story lived up to the terrific cover illustration. I really like your picture with the harlequin-like figurines.

2:44 PM  
Blogger Booklogged said...

The cover really is fun. I can see how it would appeal to YAs. Heck, it appeals to me.

I see you're reading book 3 in the Mary Russell series - Are you liking it? I've really enjoyed this series.

10:31 PM  

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