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Saturday, March 31, 2012

Books, New to the Apartment

Ok so…all of them aren’t all that new to the apartment. But I haven’t mentioned the purchase or arrival of books in a while.

This first one, The Snow Child IS actually new .. a friend of mine, Cathy, sent it to me..  It is a book that was on my wish list ever since (my adopted son) Chris reviewed it.   I didn’t know she was sending it and so I had to call her and yell at her… then we laughed alot ..which we normally do lol.. (thanks again Cathy) This book moves up the list for OUaT challenge!


…and then I got a second surprise in the mail!  My sis, Cath (not to be mistaken with Cathy lol) sent me a book!  I know you know how I feel about “writers names being bigger than the book title..) Well this one threw me for a brief moment!  It looked like Wilkie Collins wrote a book titled “Peter Ackroyd”… my mind goes “huh? never heard of this one!”… then on closer look I see it’s a small biography of Wilie by Ackroyd, heh.. which is fine by me I have looked for books about Wilke and found nothing much!  So I am thrilled with this book and probably screamed loud enough for Cath to hear me across the Pond in Devon! lol  I can’t wait to read this !!!


and this is the second book of Herriot’s trilogy that I did send for after reading the first book. Which leaves yet one more in the trilogy .


I get so distraught at the fact that I cannot seem to find any Wilkie Collins in  hardback books..even at my used book store where I do manage to find Dickens and Trollope in hardback but not Wilkie! grrrrrrrrrrrr.  Anyway I got fed up and sent for this book which would have some of his novella’s…but when it arrived I discovered the print to be quite small so if I get to read it or not is not certain. :o(


Speaking of the used book store I did find this book ..and I was shocked that it still had it’s paper cover!.  I liked the movie from 1986 with Sean Connery and a very young Christian Slater… so I hope to get to this one day..


Then also in the used book store I came across this quite old book with a plain cloth cover.  (below is the title page)


below is a “painting” of one of Dickens homes (Godsill)


and below here are 2 examples of “etchings” that are in the book…



and below those is probably the reason I got this book…. in the back of the book (many pages, maybe 1/4 of the entire book) is a list of ALL of Dickens characters in all the books he wrote!!! (I chose a page with Pip’s name on it just to look at)


There is probably another book or two around that I have forgotten to mention but this will have to do for now…

I do have to mention a phenomenon that has recently occurred…  I actually have LESS than 142 books in my tbr pile!!!! It is now 135… that includes the above books!  I can’t remember that last time that happened!  I don’t hold out a lot of hope that it will keep dwindling before I make more purchases *sigh*  I would dearly love to get it down to … ohhhhhhhhhh maybe 50 books or so LOL LOL.. see there, … I made myself laugh!!

So, how is your TBR pile doing?


Since I am posting about books I might as well list the books read in March .

March saw me read only 4 books: (which is about norm for me of late)

mitford3[1] 1. The Sisters (Mitford's)-----Mary S Lovell / 611 pgs

fearful[1] 2. Her Fearful Symmetry-----Audrey Niffenegger/ 403 pgs

Hoodbk1[1] 3. Hood---------------Stephen R Lawhead / 490 pgs

Scarlet1[1] 4. Scarlet----------Stephen R Lawhead / 449 pgs

1953 total pages. (and it was a very good year! I hear *cough*cough)

I enjoyed all four books so it was a good month.

I hope you had a good month of reading too!


Blogger Cath said...

Your four books were all chunky though, Pat. Easily the same as 6 or 7 normal books.

Wonderful new books. The author and title thing with the Wilkie Collins book threw me a bit too. Wish they wouldn't do that.

How kind of Cathy. I've heard that The Snow Child is excellent.

Hear that hysterical laughing? That's me thinking of you getting your tbr pile down to 50...

9:29 AM  
Blogger OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I keep worrying about the space these books take up--you have mentioned many times NOT having very much space---How do you do it, my dear? I mean, how do you store all the many books you have, including the TBR list? I would find it very interesting if you would share that with us. I know you do not dispose of books---at least, I don't think you do.....Do you have lots and lots of Bookcases? Illuminate, please, my dear Pat.

9:48 AM  
Blogger DesLily said...

Cath: glad you had a good laugh lol.. I snorted just writing it! LOL

Naomi:.. ok.. i shall illuminate you in a post of my books lol

10:32 AM  
Blogger Susan said...

4 books read is a great month, Pat! I also like all the way books are finding their way into your house :-) reading 1953 pages is something! I'm glad you are having fun reading, and discovering new books.

9:27 AM  

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