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Sunday, May 05, 2013

New & Old Books

More books came into the apartment. .. sigh.  I think I have to stop hanging around so many people who read all the time!   Crickey, (sp?) I used to be a “hippy” for gawds sake!  And now I’m a geek??!!  How the heck did this happen???? 

Oh well.. anyway.. two “new” books, thanks to Michelle again :o), A Place of Secrets and Cemetery Girl, and a used book on Eleanor Roosevelt, Eleanor: The Years Alone (after Franklin died).  Not sure I would have gotten this book but it’s written by Joseph P Lash who was a close friend, so I thought it would be a good prospective.



I have one more book on the way called “Exiles in Hollywood”.  Yet another book on some of the people Black Listed.  I have found you could read many books on this subject and since many are written by someone who was on that list you get many points of view on how they survived it.

Ah well.. so there you have it.. another 4 books.. I either need a storage unit soon or my bed will be out on the grass, while the books are taking over my apartment!  There definitely times that I wish I was a fast reader!

I guess I could take a moment and list my books read in April.  For a change I did better than normal these days. It also helped that none were very big… I didn’t plan it that way it just happened.  Five books and one short story were for Once Upon a Time.  Images of America and Notes from a Small Island were tossed in for a change of pace.

13. Natural History of Dragons.......M. Brennan     (334 pgs)..Apr
14. Watership Down...................Adams/Dotrice  (audio)....Apr
15. Images of America................Joan Gonczlik  (128 pgs)..Apr
16. A Spell for Chameleon............Piers Anthony  (352 pgs)..Apr
17. His Majesties Dragon.............Naomi Novik    (253 pgs)..Apr
18. Throne of Jade...................Naomi Novik    (258 pgs)..Apr
19. Notes from a Small Island........Bill Bryson    (324 pgs)..Apr
20. Runner of Pern...................Anne McCaffrey (60  pgs)..Apr


Blogger OldLady Of The Hills said...

EXILES IN HOLLYWOOD sounds like a very interesting book--depending on who the people are that are included...
My dear old friend Lee Grant, is writing her Memoirs....Her whole story is fascinating and she not only survived the Black List, but actually had a real career after it, including an Oscar or two--One for Best Supporting Actress in "SHAMPOO" and at least one Emmy...or maybe two or three!
I don't know of any other actor or actress who even had much of a career after the Black List!

You just amaze me with the amount books you read...! You are Fantastic!

4:35 PM  

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