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Saturday, October 15, 2005

The Sun is Out!!

Saturday, October 15, 200512:55:00 PM EDT
Feeling Chillin'

THE SUN IS OUT! I think i've gone bllind! 8 days of rain and now this! The sun finally came out and its reflecting in all the water laying around, so I'm sqinting, so of course i step in every puddle around! I waited 9 days to see the sun and now i can't open my eyes!

I had to help bring 3 of the 9 cats to the vets today. All three needed a booster shot and one (Stinkey) is left there to get his fur shaved. It seems about every 2 years, no matter how much he is brushed he just gets matted up and then it's off to the vets for a "haircut"

Here are the 3 culprits that went to the vets. Take a good look at Stinkey..long about Tuesday i will post a photo of what a cat looks like "shaved"..heh. The cats belong to my brother and David. I'm pretty sure the address for this house for stray cats is 336 Sucker Street.

While at the vets someone brought in a 6 month old English Bulldog. Really cute. He kept trying to wag his tail (which he only has a numb) and his whole butt wiggled instead. He tried to get to me and kept walking sideways.. i think he was trying to show me that his so-called tail was wagging. I went over to him and got on the floor with him... not the brightest thing i've ever done. (slobber slobber)
He's umm.... (slobber) a loving little thing (slobber) isn't he!
His owner tried to pull him off..
No, no (slobber) it's ok (slobber) honest it is! (slobber)

I was beginning to feel like i got off lucky with 8 days of rain and not drowning, and here i was in a vets office slowly drowning on dry ground!

Then it was time to take the cats in.. oh joy. They were getting shots and nails clipped. I don't understand something about the vets office.. how come a vet can clip their nails and they don't move a muscle, but when i try to do it at home i come out looking like i ran thru a briar patch naked! (pahleese, don't try to invision that! Nothing worse then an old wrinkled lady nekkid.. unless its an old wrinkled lady nekkid with claw marks!)

Actually, the rest of the visit went well.. two cats came home and when let out of the carriers ran and hid for their life. (all i have to do is jiggle a box of dry food and they'll forget the vets) and the third comes home monday evening, after which i will take a pic with the digital camera so you can see the results.

My eyes are finally adjusting to the sunlight.. whew, dang glad i'm not blinded! I hope everyone has a bright day of their own!

My second favorite household chore is ironing. My first being hitting my head on the top bunk bed until I faint.


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