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Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Is there such a thing as a PERFECT A** hole? Why yes, there is!

John Scalzi had an interesting post about some man discharging a gun on New Year's Eve without thinking that the bullet had to come back to earth.. unfortunately it struck a woman.

It brought an instant reminder to me of a time when I was living in California (San Fernando Valley/ Sherman Oaks). I had driven to Van Nuys to pick up a friend and his girlfriend (now wife) who had flown in for an autograph show, to bring them to their hotel.

On the way back from the Flyaway bus station my friend noticed a helicopter flying low ahead of us and asked about it. Having lived in the Valley a few years this was not uncommon, it could be almost anything including (and most likely) a tv station following a car chase. (California has an obsession on following car chases and interrupting ALL television stations to do so)

Soon, I came to a red light at a main street and the helicopter was nearly on top of us. I had a car in front of me and in back and on the right side of me.

Suddenly from seemingly no where I saw a man running. He pulled a man off of a motorcycle and got on the bike.. I couldn't help but notice a gun in his hand!! When the bike wouldn't start again he dropped it and came right between my car and the car in front of me! My heart was in my throat as he stood a moment looking into my car! I can't say I saw his face, I was too busy starring at the gun in his hand, which was still at his side.

My heart was about to beat out of my chest but i couldn't take my eyes off of his hand, while my friend was yelling "duck! duck!". Small note here: I was driving a 1987 Ford Escort.. his girlfriend was in the back seat.. two bucket type seats in the front, one with me in it that other with a man over 200 lbs in it... where the hell does one duck?!

Luckily for me the man, though he stood a moment in front of my car for what seemed and eternity, went past me. (I was still starring at the gun.. had his arm moved up at all I planned on flooring my gas peddle and crushing his legs between my car and the car in front of me.. if I was gunna be shot HE was gunna pay for it!

Still following the gun I saw him try to pull someone out of the car next to me. At this point I looked in front of me again and started muttering uncontrollably "move! you idiot!" But the guy in front of me was too busy "watching" to get the heck out of there. I think I got a bit boisterous at that point calling him a few not real nice names and yelling "why won't this A** Hole move?"

Police cars swarmed as the man (and now a second man) ran into the gas station at the corner of the streets. The man in front of me continued to "watch".. I continued to yell at him to move! I couldn't move unless he did I was pinned in the traffic! My friend is back to yelling "duck! duck".. when I hear a gun going off in rapid fire... I wanted to drive into the trunk of the car in front of me to make him move!! But he continued to "watch over his shoulder"...

Strange.. but somehow I didn't know that bullets had names on them and would only hit those names!! What was this guys mind thinking ????

I was shaking like a leaf, my friend was now yelling "get the hell out of here".. well duh.. yah.. would have done that LONG AGO if the A** hole in front of me would move!!

More gun fire and finally the idiot moved.. I floored my car and went about two blocks turned a corner and pulled my car over. I was shaking so bad it wasn't funny. I held my chest and tried to catch my breath as I asked my friend if he could recognize the guy for the police. If that guy gets away they may need us to identify him.. I sure couldn't! My eyes never left the GUN! But he said he was busy "ducking" .. well.. that was better sense then the butt head in front of me!

I very cautiously and still shaking got them to their hotel.. I went right into the BAR! I ordered a Margarita.. DOUBLE SHOTS!.. this from someone who has maybe 2 drinks a year!! I was plastered pretty quick let me tell you! But it did slow my heart back down.

To this day I can't believe that someone would sit and watch someone with a gun and not think for one minute a bullet might NOT head his way!! The idiot that John wrote about is another that fits into the category of "Perfect A** Holes"~

For a long long time I never thought there was such a thing a a PERFECT one.. but I know better now!!


Blogger Virenda said...

oh my gosh! That is so scary, I would honestly be terrified to ever be stopped in traffic again. I would have ordered a double of everything. I know what your talking about, there are some people that are truly stupid, glad nothing happened to you.

3:24 PM  
Blogger Astaryth said...

How Scary!! I never understand people like that. Also, the people who 'rubber neck' at an accident. If you aren't helping then drive and get out of the way so that the police, fire dept, etc can get there and do their job! ::Sorry, end of rant::

Adventures of an Eclectic Mind

6:10 PM  
Blogger V said...

Now, that is a perfect idiot!

5:49 AM  
Blogger betty said...

That was so scary, Pat! I think I would have asked for the bottle of tequila, forget the margarittas.


11:01 PM  

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