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Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Rainy Day

What an ugly day it is outside here in NJ.
Rain, rain, rain... and it must have either snowed a little or hailed because there is the slightest bit of white in some areas and on top of cars.The news showed that more north is getting snow and that we will have rain all day.

Somehow, I never get any energy on a day like this, generally I feel much like what the day is like outside when it gets like this. I can't imagine living in a state that rains a lot like Washington state. (though the short time i spent in that state, the weather was nice!) But at least we don't have to shovel rain!

Naturally, I finished the book that came in the mail, A Gift of Dragons. That doesn't help brighten my day.

I continue to search book sites of used books for the Terry Brooks books that i want. I blew up the picture of the book that was in my hands with the cat on my head to see if I could get anymore ideas how to get that exact book. The only new thing i saw was that it was distributed by Del Rey. No dates on the pictures of that time to give me a year of distribution. But I'm guessing about 1980. Now if that's an exact date I don't know. I have found the first editions came out in 1977 so it might be that one.

I can search just so long and everything starts sounding alike when there are no cover pictures to help. It's Frustrating.

Hmm, I started this and then got called downstairs for a bit.. now upon return the roads look yucky and slippery with sleet on them.. I wonder when I changed so much? When I was young snow or ice or anything never seemed to bother me, we still got to wherever we wanted to go and things never seemed dangerous.

Is it foolish when we are young and then we get just the opposite when we grow old? I now look out there and think things like : if i had to go to work in this i wouldn't.. it's not worth the chance of my life.. yet everyone is expected to be at their jobs no matter what.

It's scarey now.. it wasn't back then. What is it that makes us change so?I think i wish i could change back to the way i used to be when it comes to things like this... maybe ignorance is bliss at times after all?..hmmmm.

I guess I wish i didn't worry so much.. that that part of me could be switched off. I just love when someone says "stop worrying".. or "don't let it bother you".. gads ! Now when they come up with a pill for that I'll be first in line!!

It's not gunna happen today, but I'll be glad when the sun comes back out!!Until then.. i guess it's back to web searching for the books, and making some calls for my brothers meds ..etc. today too will pass.

Who knows, maybe something nice will happen... like i'm still waiting for a movie to arrive (Second Hand Lions), that would be nice.
I hope everyone has a good day.. if not "good" at least "acceptable"!!


Blogger V said...

Yikes, Des. It`s still coming down!

4:22 PM  
Blogger Astaryth said...

You are going to LOVE Second Hand Lions! But, if you cry at sappy moves you better get a box of tissues out. I don't get 'teary-eyed' easy, and I was even a little misty!!
Adventures of an Eclectic Mind

6:14 PM  

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