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Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Patricks Tuesday Two..

Boy, miss a day and then play catchup!

It's Wednesday right? sheesh.. ok well here is Patricks Tuesday Two - Episode 16


QUESTION A:Someone's about to get their picture taken. Do you prefer to be in front of the camera or the one taking the picture, and why?
QUESTION B:Of the photos you have on display in your home, not counting yourself, of whom do you have the most photos? Why do you think you have so many photos of this person?

This one is easy, I'll take Question A:

Definately BEHIND the camera.

Two good reasons: one is that I have always hated pictures of myself. I do believe photo's tell the truth and I hate it. I never liked how I looked. Not clothing wise, just that i never felt pretty and photo's just backed that theory up.

The second reason is that i do enjoy photography. Long ago i purchased a simple Canon T-50. Then after that I added a zoom lens that goes to 300. I love being able to be far away and yet get closeups!

I had the opportunity to do that hundreds and hundreds of times taking photo's of my friend DeForest while he was on stage at Star Trek Conventions. He was even known to comment to the audience that i was there taking photo's of him "like she really needs them! She only has a few thousand! I'm sure that camera is a permenant part of her body!" Heh..

Now I tinker with a not so great digital camera.. but it at least lets me get photo's on line without having to pay the bucks and wait for pictures to be developed and then scan them in. But when i know I will want "hard copies" of pictures I use the Canon. I know I can get hard copies from the digital too but they are still oh so much nicer off of the Canon.

Hmmm, i can take a photo of the canon with the digital to put on this entry! Cool! Here it is!....


Blogger Astaryth said...

I am wiping the drool off of my chin... That is an EXCELLENT lens!! I want one :( But, I guess I'll have to wait till I pay the camera off first ;p

4:15 PM  
Anonymous Bill, the Wildcat said...

That is one serious looking camera!

I have to admit that I'm vain enough to where I enjoy being in front of a camera, but the graphic artist in me loves to take the picture even more. When I was in television, I really enjoyed finding interesting angles to tape something with a video camera.

4:33 PM  
Blogger TJ said...


5:41 PM  
Blogger V said...


2:50 PM  

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