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Thursday, April 27, 2006

I had a dream....

It's sad that many of us have to get old before we can look back and see all of the missed dreams we may have had.

I think one of my first dreams was to be in a band. I played the drums. I did play in a band for a short time.. and I was sooooo blown away that someone would pay me for something I had so much fun doing that I would have done it for free!

This happened about the same time I met my future husband. We were dating at the time. Came a time when he gave me an ultimatum... either I left the band and we would get married... or I stayed with the band and he would not marry me.

The mind works funny... I couldn't understand why I couldn't have both. I only played on weekends, and always within driving distance of where I lived. I didn't "travel".. we were a "local" band. I actually felt guilty that I had to "think about it". One of many guilts that I have put on myself over the years.

I thought about my mother raising two children alone (divorced). And I thought about how she never seemed really happy. I deemed that this would be my only chance at something she didn't have.. to be happily married. And so I gave up my dream.

I never for a moment regretted getting married, it wasn't a matter of loving him or not, or having our children....never.

But if you ask me if I ever wondered about being a drummer the answer would be yes. I wondered if I ever would have been really good at it. I wasn't "bad" but I had a way to go to be "good" lol..

And yet another very large dream I always had dealt with is the Grand Canyon. As I learned about it over the years I would dream of going there and taking the mule ride down into the beautiful canyon to spend the night in a tent. To be able to climb around and explore this most fascinating piece of nature at it's best. I have had that dream for so long that the one time I got to see the canyon (about 20 minutes in all) that I cried thru the entire time I was there. It's still a dream I can't let go of, though now it would be much different.

They are unfinished dreams... I believe we all have dreams that never happened. Both men and woman.. but I think woman more then men. Mostly because, once married and with a family, women tend to stop thinking about their self and any dreams they may have had.

Maybe men do to.. but I think if it was something they really, really wanted.. they'd find a way to get it or do it. Woman dedicate their life to the husband and family, so much so... that when they get older, and find that time is no longer a factor .. they have no idea what to do with it. Their dreams have all, long ago, disappeared.

Did you have an unfinished dream? Do you ever think about it? Maybe you could blog about it and leave a link so I could read your dreams.


Sassy left a great link to her unfinished dreams!


Blogger Virenda said...

I am still young and liked to think that I have time to finish my dreams but it's hard to keep positive. I have 3 kids and a husband so my time and energy is spent on them. One of my biggest dreams is to travel to ALL the different countries and different islands. I don't want to just do the "tourist" thing. I want to visit months at a time and I want to be absorbed into the culture. I want to learn and travel. Oh and I wish to write although I don't think I'm any good.


Maybe one day...

I think you HAVE to do the Grand Canyon thing one last time at least. I mean you can do a great picnic thing with just you, a camera, and your notepad. :0) It would be fantastic.

Can you practice the drums anymore? I always wanted to be in a band but not as much, I think, as you.

8:50 PM  
Blogger Karen Funk Blocher said...

Unless you're missing a leg or something, you might still be able to do the mule ride. Find a place with mules in your area, and find out whether this is something you can do!

Never give up! Never Surrender!

You fiance should not have made that demand all those years ago. I wonder whether he really would have iven up the woman he lived over somtehing so unimportant.

9:56 PM  

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